Play the Bliss Mistress

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3rd Secrets of Bliss Series

 The story continues in the third in the Secrets of Bliss Series as the Game Changer learns her craft by trial and error to psycho-sexually progress the clients who turn up at her studio, suffering a myriad of ailments that includes amongst other things, severe depression, potency issues, ill tempers and the resulting broken relationships.

Seek a peek into the private studio of the most radical Mistress of our time as she converts a host of grumpy sods, old dogs, generally world-weary cowboys and near cavemen into competent wild-man heroes, desirable lovers, much needed fathers & magical healing Merlins, who fit with the real women that they are now able to attract & hold, to love & support them in their everyday lives.

Once again Amara Hart dares to stand her ground & insists that the cure all for anything that ails a person is full-body, pleasurable touch. Her advice – own the drive of life. Orgasm is what created you - without it, you wouldn’t be here. So ditch the shame, show yourself & reach for the bliss within & without and leave anything that causes misery, for the crows. Practical, insightful & downright inspiring.
Aileen Richards – Women’s Mental Health Recovery Group Leader




Time and time again, Hart diagnoses it with her clients; seems the draw to conflict is so endemic that is have become many couples unconscious aphrodisiac. But why all the fuss and fighting? Amara wisely answers the question; for no other reason than these men and women make the ludicrous mistake of playing brother and sister; instead of stepping into the sexual archetypes that would otherwise ignite the essential degree of fire to heat and thereby charge the relationship with authentic challenge and excitement. Maxine Grey – Counsellor



Hart tells her clients that they all live too much in their heads, and because of it, they are essentially disappearing from their lovers and partners, until one day they wake up and find themselves alone. Hell of a waste she says; but can be avoided if one musters the courage to face and then ditch our sensual ruts that prevent us from getting real about giving about receiving the stimulation that we need to take us to the land of bliss.

Once again Amara is sensationally seductive in her candor regarding her own personal exploration of sensual pleasure and relationship fulfillment.  Her in-depth research on the mysteries of the ancient tribal customs regarding the handing down of sacred sexual knowledge & the subsequent age progressive initiations is utterly astounding.  Mary Carter – Base Jump Retreats


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