Making the Bliss Mistress


T h e  N e w  S e x u a l   R e v o l u t i o n  
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Making the Bliss Mistress

In the first of the New Sexual Revolution - Game Changer Series, MAKING THE MISTRESS - Amara Hart AKA: The Bliss Mistress - takes us on a unique personal journey back to where it all began to explain the core experiences that brought her to realize the absolute essentialness of bodily, mind and relationship pleasure to heal and recreate the world as a more livable environment for all.

Who is the Bliss Mistress? Amara declares: She is every woman; every female who despite persecution has dared to kill off the  Maiden, to merge with the pure-hearted Wild-woman then continued on to step onto the path of the magnificent fearless Crone. She is every woman who has ever loved and lost, loved and lived with a passion so strong and so epic that she lost herself but found the key to all within and without. 

And so begins the luscious tale of spiritual and sexual awakening, re-evaluation and evolution as this unconventional gal takes us  through the milestones along her journey to becoming a world famous Mistress to many who she has inducted into her revolutionary methods of pleasure healing that has proven to cure many ills.  

Amara tells us how she had to shake off the indoctrination and limiting beliefs of conventional religion in which she was raised to always be ‘the good girl’ – play nice and be in submission physically, sexuality and spiritually to men. Then, once she gets her head and her heart around the fact that she is a free woman who is entitled to make up her own mind about what is moral and what is not, she even surprises herself, by falling ever so naturally, into the radically unconventional profession of pleasure healing and psycho-sexual coaching.



Take a walk on the wild side as an ordinary mother discovers & evolves her sexual & spiritual power before daring to enter the risqué profession of sensual pleasure healer then goes on to pioneer the revolutionary transformative health & relationship therapy – psychosexual progression.  This is a scrumptious read with Amara baring it all confessing her own intimate psychosexual awakening. Melissa B Everett

Rich in uncommon wisdom & presents on life, love and solutions to global economic and environmental concerns. An essential series for explorers of what is possible in the future in regards to making relationships between men and women as well as their children gratifying and sustainable. Uriah Desjardin Psychiatric MD

The Bliss Mistress Secrets is out. This is the story of where she came from and how she arrived at some of her most controversial conclusions regarding the unconscious instinctual draws of the basic sex act. A spell binding journey of what appears to have been Hart’s fate from childhood – to wake the world from its slumber regarding how our sexual psychic and sensual energies affect every  decision and action that we take. Greta Carlson – Sunday Times

Provocative, sensitive – wildly funny.  All in all a tantalizingly candid account of what it is to be a woman, both in and out of the bedroom whilst suffering a male’s ignorance of the female pleasure anatomy.  Matt Day – Flying Solo Divorce Recovery Consultant



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