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4th Secrets of Bliss Series

Hold onto your hats - the sequel to Amara Hart's Play Bliss Mistress, will be out soon. And what a stunning read it is. Fortunately I have been privy to the script ahead of time and so I can tell you firsthand that it is well worth waiting for. Personally, I feel Heart of the Bliss Mistress is the most radically exciting read of the series where Amara shares the most challenging of her encounters with the diverse range of clients, she attracts thus far. 

If readers have been following Amara's journey into the profession of pleasure healing and psychosexual progression coaching, they will never believe where the road takes her next. I won't give her secrets away now and spoil the surprise for anyone; except to say that Amara will take readers inside some of the more hidden sides of the sex industry.

Through sharing her own personal story as well as her client's sessions, Amara explains the many & various functions of the hidden sex industries in society, along with the ways these dangerous and damaging professions can be overhauled and given a positive position in our communities. Nell Bridges - Professional Editor - Christchurch New Zealand




Wickedly and I suspect deliberately confrontational, Hart sets out to once again rattle our cages, in a clear attempt to evolve our mindsets beyond the limits of tradition in regard to what we have gone along with for centuries. As she points out, the world has changed dramatically and because of it, essentially we must change and evolve the type of relationship structures we try to fit ourselves into.

Who would have believed it; Hart essentially now takes her practice of pleasure healing and psycho-sexually progression coaching, indiscriminately to the streets to disseminate her transformative knowledge amongst the call girls who work the seeder haunts of our cities and then goes onto purposely infiltrate the brothels even with her hands-on stimulation.  Heck, is there nowhere this Wild-woman dares not tread to offer up her message of sexual revolution?

Hart's main message and mission to instill in the population take the cock out of the box, give up sterilization, dangerous hormone mind altering contraceptives is still as firm and corrosive of ignorance as it ever was. Thoroughly captivated by the journey.
Uriah Desjardin -  Psychiatric MD



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