Woman rendered sensually hungry a thousand years


Woman, rendered Sensually Hungry
a Thousand Years
...tracing the cultural, political & religious roots
of the denial of female sexual pleasure

I cannot rightly remember when it was that I first heard the expression – ‘Woman, rendered sensually hungry a thousand years’, yet there is little doubt the image these words evoked struck a rebellious cord within my own sexual psyche that I have never been able to entirely quieten or quell. This awareness of a deliberate attack and curtailment of female sexual expression and sensual pleasurable experience, sometime in the distant past, but nonetheless reverberating right down to our present period - struck like a thunderbolt. I could never be the same. It was like I imagine it was for Eve when she bit into that legendary disqualifying apple plunked from the Jewish mythical tree of knowledge of good and evil.

There was no going back to blissful ignorance; that is if that was ever where I had come from. As they say, what you don’t know can’t hurt you. But now that I do know, it does hurt and also makes me incredibly resentful – unwilling to play society’s distorted game, while fully aware that the rules and rewards ain’t one bit fair. It certainly makes one take stock when you become conscious of the fact that you the lesser considered and entitled gender, all because of some untraceable superstitious prejudged pronouncement, uttered by some long-forgotten poofter pontiff or else the butt of irrational retaliation from a dynasty of tyrannical inbred, impotent Emperors and Kings. 

Whatever the root of the denial of women’s right to equal sexual pleasure entitlements, it no doubt begs the question for many women - why is it so? Who and by what justification was woman first sentenced to sensual starvation? What was it that she had done, or didn’t do that convicted her to such extreme inhuman punishment?

I am thinking ‘Women, rendered to sensually starve a thousand years’, might perhaps be a line from Catherine Breillat’s controversial, R-Rated film ‘Romance,’  which provides a riveting graphic explanation of the female, sexual psyche.

But let us not dilly dally about trying to find the source of woman’s sentence of seemingly eternal proportions of deprivation of essential liberty in regards to sexual expression. Let us get straight to the point – because after all, this court hearing is long overdue - suspended in mere-mortal distractions and detractions, as well as, myriad degrees of moral cowardice, followed close up the rear by perverted pretentions, and swept along by a Molotov-cocktail of bedeviled prejudiced-inequalities, for thousands; if not millions of long insufferable, maddening years.

You have to wonder about the sanity and sanctity of so-called civilized societies and their associated religions, laws and imposed penalties that have been allowed to erupt and dominate, aided and abetted by mostly violent means; to flourish and prosper by the deliberate determination to deny, pervert, defame, forbid or otherwise utterly obstruct the female stimulated-clitoral induced Orgasm.

Can anyone even a degree consciously-awake, deny that this hideous perversion of naturalness has been a master conspiracy handed down by priests and politicians alike for centuries – perhaps for millennia even, all to aid and abet the cause to dominate and enslave mankind, along with the very earth itself, even beyond its reaches?

And here we are, well into the 21st Century, still licking our wounds and groaning under the weight of our ignorance of the fact that the ‘cock in the box’ serves but one function: which is to incite the sexual pleasure of the man by the mere means of physical and mechanical suction, together with self-generated friction; but mostly achieved by self-conjured primitive fantasies of domination, rape and violence.

Regrettably this is the inconvenient and shameful truth of how man continues to barbarously achieve physical sexual stimulation and erotic mental arousal, which culminates no more or less in a discharge of electrical energy. This is how he gets himself off and escapes the binds of his wretchedly enslaved capacities of otherwise utterly brilliant, but nonetheless mostly wasted, body and mind functions.

Clearly and ever so disappointingly, man is but a beast of burden still. As yet he has not managed to free himself from the most ancient of original enslavements that would otherwise have led him on to evolve beyond the caveman instinct. But perhaps it will happen soon. Perhaps sometime in the next decade something will happen that might cause him to turn an eye toward the chains upon his feet, or produce in him a desire to lend an ear to finally investigate the rattle of the shackles that encase and bind his arms and hands.

Perhaps man is on a cusp – perhaps he will breakthrough and at last come to recognize the injustice and uselessness of remaining within the prison cell when the door is in fact, unlocked and swung wide open. He can escape. Yet perhaps he won’t. Likely he has been convinced by his corrupt perverted masters that the images confronting him in the endless sea of reflective glass surrounding him, are nothing but illusions.

Or possibly the plainer truth is that man is too far gone – too far degenerated into fantasies that he no longer has the capacity to accept and meet with reality. Perhaps he is completely and hopeless divorced from the capacity to recognize the genuine article - perhaps totally mesmerized by all that he has been taught to chase after, equivalent to the mammoth, that he is beyond redemption.

If this is the case then likely it is left to woman to rescue man. But first she must recognize and break with the sexual machinations of her own primitive sexual psyche, which keep her in literal bondage – incapable of overcoming the habitual reliance on self-destructive, violent rape fantasies and inclinations to induce a much longed-for, stirring of physical or mental sensation.

If this is not the true ‘cave-man’ tally and positioning of the west’s sexual psyche then tell me why erotic scripts and movies such as ‘the Bride Striped Bare’ and the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ series were such  phenomenal smash hits amongst an ever-growing and continuing, predominately female fan-base?

Never before have women, on such a large-scale, been so open and honest about their craving and appetite for the presents and playing out of inherent sadomasochistic sexual fantasies. Inarguably these mostly intense sadistic psychosexual draws may always have been there; but essentially for survival’s sake, women as a whole, may have up until our current period, been forced to keep  such socially damming fetishes a secret; or otherwise completely deny and disown this condemned part of themselves.

I suspect the reason why the western woman, has up until very recent times, hidden the contents and intents of her sexual psyche, is because such inclinations do not sit well with societal expectations, or with the puritan role historically assigned and enforced upon her; nor with the demanded qualities and perceived non-negotiable attributes, qualification and disqualifications of motherhood.

Nonetheless since the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, a small section of courageous, mostly middle to upper-class females, have dared to challenge and overthrow the status-quo. However they have not entirely managed to breakthrough this mysterious literally captivating and disarming force that has caused women to literally lay down on her back and take the wretchedness that man has, in a sexual context, dished out to her; all for the privilege of eating the few crumbs that fall from the table that she herself, labors to spread before him.

It is only now in the 21st Century that we are beginning to excavate but a smidgen of a layer of all that lies buried deep within the thousand-year, suppressed, female sexual-psyche. What is the true nature of this considered most-dangerous and thus greatly feared creature that she must be so completely censored, overpowered, shut-down and her natural fulfillment defeated at every turn?

My worst fear is that I might never in this lifetime, come to know the natural woman outside society’s walls and gates – outside its  compound of a thousand prejudices, demands and grievances against her. It seems within the Christian religion, even though it is supposedly based on forgiveness, woman who is inescapably-related to Eve, will never be forgiven for plucking the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  I am afraid that I might never uncover all the truth that lies beneath the layers upon layers of shame, contorted emotions, physical wretchedness and a natural inclination for spiritual unity and the ability to communicate with all there is, gone underground.

Like most women living in the 21st Century and those who have gone before me, when I look in the mirror I see the woman staring back as anything but the epitome of glory. When I survey the women in the streets and shopping malls, I see quite clearly the evidence of a new phenomenon that gives me hope that a certain section of women are at least once again, protesting their confines and gender bias. There is clearly a margin revolt being mounted that comprises everyday women, refusing to hide their pain, but rather taking to wearing their grief over the slander of their gender on the outside.

This order of women are letting all the inherited suppression and deprivation of economic, sexual and spiritual liberty, all hang out – so to speak. Most in this caste of females make no effort at all to attract the attentions of a male. Their dull colorless masculine attire, short hair and permanent scowl, all add up to a signpost indicting that she has given up - exited a game she knows she cannot possibly win. 

Or perhaps it is all just a subtle, hardly noticeable indication that women are once again rallying to mount a mass revolt, as they did when they came together to force men to allow them the same right as men – the right to vote. However this time having learnt from her sisters that have gone before, woman is more cunning in her tactics. This time around she mounts a major insurrection, right under the noses of her opponent. It is likely that this time around, there will be no placard waving in the streets, no shouting outside parliament, no breaking of shop windows; only a withdrawal from the system that keeps woman suppressed, on the bread-line, poisoned by chemical contraception, sent mad by a lack of regard for her emotional and psychic sensitives that are routinely drugged or else electro-shocked into oblivion.  

En mass women are sent to early graves by sterilization and needless hysterectomies, which take no account of the natural requirements of the brain and other organs that require the input and regulation of the balancing hormones, supplied by the uterus and associated female fertility system as a whole. The majority of doctors the world over, see the female specific organs and functions as surplus to requirements – the root cause of her physical and especially her mental and overly emotional state. Therefore it is common accepted and little protested practice that she best be ‘made a man’ to fit a ‘man’s world’.

Perhaps the next feminine revolt will amount to no more or less than woman simply dropping out of the game and choosing not to participate. Likely the next sexual revolution will be more subtle, more disguised, but nonetheless she will protest and demonstrate her utter disgust and loathing of the male dominated system that has kept her and any children she might bare, down, for a thousand years and then some, out in plain sight of the enemy.  

It is clear at this time, at least in the majority of western societies that woman is indeed ready, willing and able to embrace a change of habits, as much as she has been led by the corporate thieves to crave a change of fashion. At this time there is evidence of a moderate uprising, where we are seeing more and more women determined to forego donning the usual enforced and conscripted mask that she would otherwise wear to conceal the pain of her torment. Suddenly everywhere women are rising up, courageously wearing their pain the outside, rather than keeping it buried inside - covered over and renounced, but nonetheless still the root cause of her many and various emotional and mental sufferings, as well as, physical ill-health.

Perhaps in the next few decades the momentum will gather to the point other women will be lead out of the restraints of denial and be ready in greater numbers to tell the truth about the ugliness that is within her – the rage, the bitterness, the anger and resentment of being raised in homes and within religions where she is treated as a second-class citizen; deprived of sexual stimulation - erotic pleasure which equates to natural and essential electrical discharge of energy through the mechanism of orgasm. Perhaps the lid has inevitably blown off all that has been contained, more than a thousand, long years.

As it is often said, ‘there is a fine line between pleasure and pain’. But perhaps there shouldn’t be. Perhaps it is precisely an honest examination of the thoughtless acceptance of this most ancient inherited draw, toward both inflicting and being on the receiving end of painful primitive and life endangering sexual practices that holds the key to unlocking the gates of domestic and economic hell to finally free its captives. What appears to be urgently needed is an intelligent focus to root out and expose as well as weigh this inherent draw for what it is - a limitation; a curtailment of joy and advancement towards true freedom and peaceful contented, personal bliss and social as well as economic and ecological responsibility… before it is too late.

Conceivably it appears to be up to woman to save man and beast and planet alike. Inarguably man has had his day and proved to be at a complete loss to steer the planet in any other direction but complete destruction. Likely it is, and always was, the archetypal Eve’s destiny to lead man to come to know the difference between good and evil. Perhaps the truth of that most ancient and entrenched cultural tale is that it is a lie; no matter how many times it has been told and enshrined into religious and cultural custom.

But perhaps the truth that lies beneath the lie, can be known simply by turning the tale, back to front. Maybe the truth of the ancient distortion is that woman is and always was the more moral-fibered gender - the stronger in conscience; more ethically-endowed, able to better deduce right from wrong, and purity from all that is primitively undeveloped and therefore in need of evolving beyond the embryonic state. Consequently this overshadowing truth of man’s inherent adolescent nature maybe the precise reason why he has been afraid of the superior sex and therefore has deemed it necessary to ensure his domination and reign over her by suppressing her in any and every capacity he is able invent, install and administer by law, or otherwise threat or outright perpetrated violence within the home, the bedroom, the workplace; or on the streets and public places which she dare not venture, beyond daylight hours. 

But perhaps woman is only the stronger sex because she is more motivated by pain and utter wretchedness than the archetypal Adam to risk facing what lies beyond the prison walls. Perhaps she is the only sex with so little to lose that she might very well manage to summon the courage to escape her wicked vile and deplorable captors, which take the form of sexually selfish and sensually talentless husbands; hit and run boyfriends; and bosses that are no more or less than un-apprehended sexual predators.

The latter are by-far the worst of her foes and the hardest for the ‘just off broke’ pittance-wage dependent female staff to avoid, throw off or escape.

For thousands of years, from the boiler rooms to the factory floors, to even the US Oval Office and the corporate boardrooms and back offices, these sexual blackmailers have used their economic power to extract attentions and affections which they are hopelessly incapable of stirring within their fed-up and chronically sexually-disappointed, ‘over-them’, legal or defacto wives. 

Most of the partners of these sexual predators partners who prey on the most vulnerable and unprotected female staff, are all-but legally divorced, but nonetheless forced to main living and shackled to these despicable vile creatures for none other than reasons of economic survival… read more... In Pursuit of Sexual Liberation


  1. Carla Sale - New Hampshire

    Amara’s advice to women is to begin first within their bedrooms and then broaden out to form collectives that support gender-equality based education and collective enterprises that install environmental and socially responsible means of production and distribution of all that ensures life, liberty and happiness for all.

    What the hell, her recipe for change just might work.” — Carla Sale – New Hampshire

  2. Taking the ‘Cock out of the Box’ as Amara Hart proposes opens up a whole new dynamic between men and women. The act of discovering that physical contact which includes the offering of clean safe manual stimulation of the genitals, I suspect is going to deeply modify our feelings and reactions toward others. At least I hope it does.

    If we educate and adopt this clean-safe type of intimacy that is as clean, safe and satisfying for female as it is for the male , I see that the sexes might meet each other on levels never known before. Truly what is being proposed here is an evolutionary leap.

    If we can make the leap and ditch our old ways, we might in greater numbers, no longer consider others as people with whom we can only communicate verbally, through sight and sound’ but connect via a deeper sense of feeling the other as ourselves. Just a thought.

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