The More the Merrier – exploring the virtues of Evolved Complex Union

the More the Merrier

... exploring the virtues of 'Evolved Complex Union'

When I announce to people that my goal this lifetime is to be married to, and live with, as well as share all, with a minimum of 3,000 men and women of all ages and ethnicities - most simply laugh in my face and think that I am ‘only joking.’ Usually my proposition is dismissed as mere ridiculous fancy – an utterly ludicrous or even perverted notion. 

How would it be possible and why would you want to – are usually people’s first response; that is if and when they finally realize that I am serious - I am not kidding. And naturally it is easy enough to understand that their initial horror at the idea of sharing ‘Everything’ and I do mean ‘Everything’ with a multitude of others - pertains to sex. It is a sexual thing - it always is, because in reality, most of us would have no hesitation sharing our meals with 300 others, or even 3000 thousand others for that matter. For most of us to be invited to such banquets attended by those kinds of numbers, are events we dream of. To be invited to attend such large gathering are the joy of joys that has us counting the hours till we can be there and keeps us up at night – pacing the floor, asking ourselves ‘What on earth will I wear!’

Yet to entertain the idea of participating in the giving and receiving of sensual pleasure that includes manual stimulation of the male and female genitalia, involving more than one, more than 2, more than 3, more than 30, more than 300; or heaven forbid, more than 3000 consenting others – is considered sheer vulgar blasphemy – completely off the socially acceptable ‘Reciter Scale – utterly shamefully perversely unthinkable!

At first glance it is not hard to fathom that the majority of those conditioned to colonial Westminster conscription through the public and private education system and coerced via massive corporate brainwashing – more commonly known as commercial advertising, will most assuredly dismiss the idea of ‘Complex Union’ as a completely heathen uncivilized fantasy. Even in this day and age of so-called sexual liberation, liberation from the debt-ridden design and expectation to conform to maintaining union with only one other mate, and depending on that ‘one and only’ conscript to provide all of one’s material, economic and emotional security together with sexual fulfillment, forever after, is still held out as the holy of holy societal Grails - never objectively examined, nor put asunder.  

The fact is that even way-back in 1836, and for the decades after when the self-appointed Christian Minister ‘John Noyes’, not only floated the idea of ‘Complex Marriage’ far and wide across the American States, but began and managed to recruit more than 300 men and women to live out what came to be called, ‘Bible Communism,’ at ‘Oneida’ in New York State, the majority of the population severely castigated the truly spiritually enlightened man and his band.

But nonetheless history records that more than 300 adult professing-Christian, men and women, did it anyway. Noyes’s Bible-founded precepts of ‘True Christian Love’ – devoid of jealousy, discrimination and exclusiveness, but rather committed love for one,  no more or less than for all inclusively, grew to have a membership of over 300, with branch communities being established in Brooklyn, New York; Wallingford, Connecticut; Newark, New Jersey; Cambridge, Vermont; and Putney, Vermont. The formal communal organization began in 1844, practicing complex marriage, male continence, and striving for perfection, which they believed as possible due to the example of Christ.

More recently in history, Jud Presmont and his followers had a go at communal marriage and met with some success with the last incarnation of Kerista Group in San Francisco lasting from 1971 to 1991 – enduring a good twenty years, which is much longer than most modern American marriages last today.  The diverse group of individuals lead by the insightful and charismatic Jud Presmont founded ‘the Kerista religion’ in the late 1950's in NYC and codified it in the 1970's in San Francisco on the principles of monetary and familial equality. 

In lots of ways the Kerista group had its ‘act together’ more than any other shared-love group to come on the scene since John Noyes lead his group with a shared vision of sharing all with all, male sexual continence and the intention and commitment to perfecting their personalities. Similarly the Kerista group upheld a routine of regular ‘group therapy’ to work on overcoming the negative and socially destructive inhibitors to social harmony such  anger, arrogance, envy, greed, salacious lust, sloth, impatience, intolerance, ingratiating manner, wastefulness, worry, ridicule, vindictiveness, falsehood, fear, gluttony, gossip, hypocrisy, narcissism, pessimism, pride, profanity. They considered these group gatherings vital to developing a deeper practice and utilization of ‘Utopian Psychology.’

In 1979 the Kerista Group listed 26 Social Contacts, which when practiced by the individual members would culminate in the greatest possible social harmony of the group.  However by 1983 these standards near quadrupled to number 86 Standards of Social Contract; all of which can be found generously shared and expounded by Even Eve on the Group’s website - 

Now might I at this point suggest to any would-be ‘Complex Unionists’ that without devoting considerable personal and group time and effort to establishing similar facilitation of psychological development and awareness, any Communal Love or Complex Union, will be doomed to a very short lifespan. While so many groups come together and from the outset make the mistake of putting their combined energies into chasing the perfect piece of land or housing to set up shop, it is a complete recipe for failure, because without the foundations and principles of social harmony being practiced and practiced until near to perfect by the individual members in a group context, the whole venture can do no other than fall down, eventually.

Seriously, I admit the idea of ‘Evolved Complex Union’ that includes the manual stimulation of the male and female genitalia, blows people’s minds. But nonetheless I put it out there as a highly practical and realistic remedy for all that ails the world socially, economically and environmentally... read more 


  1. I decided to leave a message here on your ‘The More the Merrier – exploring the virtues of Evolved Complex Union’ – Bliss Mistress Union page – because Wow… this article blows my mind. Certainly it’s not your average bland, regurgitated romantic rehash, expounding the virtues of miserable, one-on-one, isolated suburban marriage with all the expense and drudgery it entails.

    Your thinking Bliss Mistress is so left of centre – just what we need to blow the cobwebs out – a new social, sexual, domestic and economic design.

    I certainly see that communal marriage or the less formal unions you propose could be more a viable option for people than monotonous unaffordable monogamous marriage or de-facto partnering. I think you make a fairly compelling case that cooperative lifestyle and lovestyle Unions are where we are heading in the future. I think if I were young again, this is what definitely a lovestyle I would be out there canvassing for.

    I also think that age wouldn’t really preclude people from entering into communal union – if they were prepared to learn new ‘tricks’ and submit to update their ‘love making’ skills, as well as, comment to overhauling their primitive sexual psyches. Anything is possible as you say, if we have the will and want. I think economic pressure in the coming years, if not now will cause this shift in social and sexual consciousness.

    Anyway that is what I am hoping.

    Looking forward to your workshops being offered new here. I will definately be there with bells on.

  2. I am curious how OLD where you…when you realized there ARE indeed alternative as yet untried social and domestic structures and designs that offer better, more rational and sustainable alternatives then the current monogamous separatist coupling arrangements that do nothing more that feed the deplorable Monetary/Market-based “system”..?

    It has taken me over FORTY years of my life to wake up and realize alternatives actually exist. I wish so much I could have learned about this aspect of sociology and sexual relations in school. In fact I am pretty upset I didn’t have the opportunity to learn that there are alternatives that would have supported and satisfied my social, emotional, sexual, as well as, economic needs so much better than blindly coupling up, throwing a leg over each night and forcing my partner.. partners to chemically poison themselves and shut down their sexual response by taking the pill… in order ‘as you say’ to allow me a free ride at their expense.

    Also…..if you could name for me one single trigger…one single issue maybe…something you saw that was wrong and cared passionately about…or maybe a film…a book?..or a person even…that sparked off your curiosity to learn and discover the possibilities so often not talked about or even contemplated… what would these be?

    I would love to hear your comments.

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