In Pursuit of Sexual Liberation


In Pursuit of Sexual Liberation 
...evolving the sexual psyche beyond the primitive draws

The promise and prospect as well as desire for fated sexual emancipation has hung in the air – teasing and tantalizing man and woman for thousands of years. However as yet, right down to this present day, it remains just beyond the mainstream’s reach. Back in the early 70’s with the advent of the ‘Contraceptive Pill’ that promised both man and woman sexual freedom to copulate without the threat of being burdened with raising a resulting child, naturally there was a whole generation that came to believe that the last frontier of sexual freedom has been reached, explored and done and dusted.

Now they could get down to the business any which way that took their fancy, without a care in the world… or so it seemed.

Inarguably for both man and woman, the pursuit of sexual liberation has been a long arduous journey, with battle after battle being fought and considered won, by one generation, only to be lost by the proceeding one. 

If only man would come to understand that he is capable of so much more, beyond cycling the primitive that continually binds him to sexual, economic and miserable, uninspiring domestic slavery.  By no more or less than habitual-primitive sexual fetish, man is enslaved; and thereby drags woman along into that same bedeviled curtailment of liberty.

In a kind of habitual stupor, 'the cock goes in the box' and there goes man liberty and woman’s, along with it. He is no longer free, for no other reason than by doing so, he creates the possibility and probability that he will plant his seed within her while will then result in bringing forth a child. Due to this seemingly cataleptic spell, it self-populates a moral and economic situation where he is obligated to bind to her – deem her, his one and only, forever after.

Man has triumphantly landed on the moon, launched satellites in space, created atomic missiles and power, investigated the depths of the deepest fantastic blue oceans, challenged and achieved victory over hostile environments of ice, arctic winds and perpetual snow; and yet he is yet to discover or come to master any significant regions of the terrain of the human sexual psyche, which clearly remains the grossly tyrannical and exploitative master over all of his designs and intentions.

The fact that man would be better served by means other than continuing to insist on penile compression, friction and suction, derived from thrusting and forced-entry into the female, ergonomically-insensitive vagina; which is essentially designed to function, no more or less, as a birthing-canal - does not enter his head.

While these unmodified and un-advanced habitual sexual draws are allowed to be stationed at the helm of man’s sexual inclinations, the woman’s body will not her own; which is entirely symptomatic and symbolic of the lack of reverence assigned the mother, our only home - the earth. Dug up, plundered and wasted to the point of disease and unsalvageable, unrectifiable use and abuse, man turns not his head towards modifying and evolving his primitive sexual exploits.

  Sadly, there has been little heed taken of evolutionary thinkers such as Plato, whose controversial remedies for mankind’s ills were publicly offered up in the famed form of ‘the Republic’, many centuries before the Catholic religion was mandatorily installed by threat of death. Since then, more than a hundred sons of uncommon, but nonetheless prodigious enlightenment such as John Noyes, Osho, H.G. Well, Wilhelm Reich and Jud Presmont to name but a few, along with truly wise daughters such as Emma Goldman, have had a bash at offering up solutions to the basic underlying faulty and chaotic sexual structures that sustain the general dysfunction of societies, hell, west and crooked.

It ain’t like this chief issue which is in desperate need of facing and being overhauled, hasn’t been brought out into the open by more than few brave souls who endured the ridicule and nonetheless had the courage to stand upon a public platform and state the obvious.  It has been said and demonstrated by those beheaded and martyred, along with those long honored and reverenced as the greatest of thinkers and valued evergreen philosophers that are still revered down to this very day. It is very much a known quantity: ‘for mankind to advance, the sexual act cannot continue to be tied to either sex’s economic or social entitlement or curtailment’.

Clearly this limiting factor is the critical bar to truly civilizing and bringing about enduring peace and prosperity within and without our nations. Yet millennia on, as it stands, the world over, the primitive design and regulation of the sex act, continues to perpetuate its cruel and spiteful modes of deprivation of liberty, aimed unfairly biased against the female gender. Largely these gross deficits of consideration and accommodation for the welfare and physiological needs of more than half the population have been installed and preserved, unchallenged and unchecked for centuries.  

Primarily this illogical and deplorable dispossession of all that is naturally required by the female to achieve a state of sexual arousal and release of sexual tension has been sanctioned and vehemently protected by Popes, priests, politicians and official operatives alike.

Inarguably a hierarchical-structured collective of males, mandate the moral codes and conduct, right down to issuing license for the formation of domestic sexual obligations and comportment of the masses, via the installation of pontiffs, priests, ministers of the cloth, along with Mullahs, who rule churches, synagogues, temples and Mosques alike.  In the same vein, a hierarchical-structured collective of males command governments and so-called ‘defense systems’ that direct the deployment of deadly armaments; which comprise sanctions to drop bombs that maim and kill innocent civilians that include completely unarmed, powerless, woman and children that have come from their bodies and been raised by suckle from their breasts. It doesn’t get any more intimate than that.

Over the past century and a half, a hierarchical-structured collective of males, have risen to issue the orders that direct the activities and actions of massive global corporations that hold no moral or ethical codes of conduct, nor respect any degree of environmental responsible bounds.  In their wake, these near to exclusive male-cartels that are hell-bent of raking in profits, devoid of any demonstrative care or concern for the detrimental effect their activities have upon people or the planet, have brought about the destruction of more than a third of the earth’s arable land, poisoned and pollute more than 60% of the earth’s fresh water, and rendered more than a third of the oceans toxic enough to render hundreds of marine species and associated plant life, extinct.

Women with their heads down like cattle: too busy surviving and providing for their children to look up and see that the door of their prison cells are in fact unlocked and swung wide open. Women could be free if only they thought to form into collectives and denounce the systems that have kept them down and enslaved for centuries.

A further subset of males have dominated and continue to dictate the parameters of the medical profession and practices that seek to advance their power and profit-reaping by working hand in glove with drug companies to ‘hook’ the masses – predominately females into dependencies on prescription drugs and chemical contraception. As a matter of course, for many successive centuries, males parading about in white-coats have consistently conducted mass-campaigns to convince women that they are mad; neurotic, hysterical and thus in need of ‘treatment,’ whether this be drug treatment, psychiatric electro-shock treatment or psychiatric disorders so severe that it warranted the bones in their noses to be removed to so-called cure, the menace of the desire of sexual self-stimulation.
From the outset of electro-convulsive therapy, or ECT, women were the primary targets that were used in the initial experiments.

As it stands, nearly 1 in 4 American adults take prescription, psychiatric drugs. Data shows that antidepressants are the most commonly used mental health medications and that women have the highest utilization rates - almost double that of men. In 2010, 21 percent of women ages 20 and older were using an antidepressant. From 2001 to 2010 the number of women on an antidepressant grew 29 percent. The most significant increases (40 percent) were among women 65 and older. 

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are antidepressants that work by altering the levels of a mood-enhancing chemical called serotonin. SSRIs are prescribed to treat depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks and personality disorders. They have been shown to be more effective in severe cases of depression than in mild cases.

Anxiety disorders treated by SSRIs include:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Social Phobia
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Bipolar disorder (when combined with other drugs)

Chemical treatments are all well and good for some, but has anyone stopped to ask: why are women so unhappy and prone to such serious and debilitating mental health disorders, compared to men?

Could it be that over a long period of time, women’s natural resilience and ability to bounce back from adversity has eroded due to continual bombardment, stress and denial of any possibility of basic equality in matters of sexual stimulation and satisfaction? Perhaps they have finally broken - done in at last by chronic disappointment.

Conspicuous by its absence from discussion by any religious, political, medical or recognized scientific circles - is that the most profoundly enduring anatomical oversight is that whether the penetrative sex act is attempted by the male from the front, rear or even the left or the right side of the female, her primal sexual sensitive pleasure endowment – which is the clitoris, is completely, unequivocally bypassed. Conveniently this part of the female’s pleasure anatomy is ignored – largely accepted as superseded by the male’s entitlement to fulfill his urge for sensation; derived from the enclosure, friction and suction of the female birth-canal... read more - Lifting the Veil on the Secret Suffering of the sexual-pleasure starved female

Across the board, violence and forced sex are equally accepted as part and parcel of the western domestic habitat, even though under the law Domestic violence and even rape within marriage is a criminal offence under the Domestic Violence Act 521 handed down in 1994.
In countries such as America, Australia, Europe and the UK, domestic violence and forced sex even within a legal marriage is not considered by law to be a personal or private matter. However for the multitude of women who suffer at the hands of abusive husbands there suffering will go unreported and unpunished, due the confines of these women's inescapable economic dependency on their sadistic and cruel partners. 
Being forced into sexual slavery can happen to any woman, to any wife, regardless of social class: whether she be rich or poor, a professional career person or a simple wage-earner.
Violence in the marriage cuts across all racial boundaries, yet so few of the women who unwittingly become victims of domestic sexual abuse and slavery are able to escape the hell, which includes being forced to provide on-demand some rather demoralizing and even harmful sexual services for their husbands and partners.
Many women are forced to suffer sexual enslavement and sexual violence and suffer in silence until the end of their days due to ignorance of basic human rights and because they fear public shame and humiliation and so they keep silent. 

It is to be remembered that before the victory of the great anti-imperialist, anti-feudal revolution in China, the women of that most   ancient of lands were wickedly oppressed by tradition. Unremunerated prostitution that equated to no less than sexual slavery was common.  
Practices such as foot binding also literally crippled millions of women for centuries, for no other reason than to please aesthetic appetites. China also had a long dark history of arranged marriages which forced girls as young as seven to be bound to familial men that their parents literally 'sold them out' to live miserably enslaved and mistreated for the rest of their usually very short lives.
Under the leadership of Mao Zedong, the Communist Party struggled mightily against these patriarchal practices, reaching the height of their efforts during the whirlwind events of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. 

Read more of this fascinating story → 

More than 30 percent of women will experience physical, sexual, economic and psychological extreme abuse at the hands of their partners during their lifetime. 
Another fascinating fact is that Men who suffer from premature ejaculation may even condition their partners to become sexually inert and unenthusiastic to compensate for their lack of sexual mastery.
Stranger still is that whether we’d like to admit it or not, the partner with the least desire for sex, always controls the frequency and quality of sex.


  1. ‘The courageous Aussie Lass, Amara Hart diagnoses the bulk of the western and eastern world’s economic, mental and physiological dysfunction as well as social ills, oh so very well. The institutions and moral codes and sexual sanctions installed long ago, no longer fit where we are now, nor can they feasibly be dragged along behind us, as we move forward to face the challenges of future ages. As she so aptly points out; what we unconsciously hold fast to, makes modern life and predominately our relationships with our partners and children, meaningless, disjointed, dispiriting, depressing, and ultimately completely joyless.

    As I understand it, her most unlikely prescription is to recognize the widespread disaffection of these archaic sexual mores, as unconscious rebellion – rather than disease. In ‘The Game Changer, 21st Century Sexual Revolution’ Series, Hart’s preoccupation is far from subtle; her main aim appears to be to encourage women to rise up and take the helm and steer the society in a liberated, intelligent and socially as well as environmentally responsible direction.

  2. Awesome article! Lots of relevant content about the root causes of most of the relationship and intimacy problems we face today. It will probably change your vision of the world and hopefully make you take action.

  3. Lisa Dau-Graham - Sydney Australia

    The crux of the Bliss Mistress’s message as I see it, is that we have 8,000 nerve endings within our bodies whose sole purpose is pleasure. Getting pleasure, giving pleasure—the deck is stacked in our favor.

    Most of us were raised to be ‘good little girls’. Acting, pretending to be sweet and innocent got us the ‘strokes’ we craved. But where did this pretending get us in our adult lives? Nothing but duped.

    After attending a ‘pleasure healing’ and ‘psychosexual progression workshop’ in Australia last year, I came to realize just how sexually armored and sexually anorexic and sexually in-denial we are raised to be.

    Let me tell you, it takes a great deal of courage and effort to come out of the spell and awaken your real pleasure oriented naturalness.

    Since I have been participating in a local bi-weekly pleasuring healing circle, the dark comatosing, black-dog of depression has run off with its tail between its legs.

    Radical though the Workshops might be, I urge anyone who gets the chance to participate in one. It will surely change your life, enhance your health and revolutionize your relationship, with both yourself and others.

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