Cupid’s Poison Arrow


Cupid's Poison Arrow

a critique of Karezza

Hands up in the air, I admit I have little disagreement with what Marnia Robinson and her partner Gary Wilson have proclaimed regarding the detrimental effects both excessive indiscriminate orgasm and porn have had, and continue to have, on both human health and relationships in our current social and domestic human habitats. 10/10 for the very fine and detailed research and presentations outlined in Robinson’s book ‘Cupid’s Poison Arrow’; and better still is her partner Gary Wilson’s Video series, ‘Your Brain On Porn.’

However when it comes to marrying the problem with the solution the pair offer up; I could not be more opposed. I am sorry to say that I was ever so very disappointed with ‘Cupid’s Poison Arrow’s’ rehash; and conscious or not, backing of Freud’s determination to oppose the female right to clitoral stimulation, and ultimately sexual pleasure and satisfaction. The sexual techniques Robinson and her partner propose so-called enlightened couples adopt, is nothing short of a regression to the bad old days that saw maniacs like Dr. Freud and others, hacking away at the nose bones of females who were caught by their husbands and fathers, self-pleasuring; because lord knows they weren’t getting any, by anyone else’s hand.

Appalled is what I was, to find out once I got to the second half of the book that I had paid good money for a book touting female sexual pleasure denial as an important antidote to relationship disharmony. My heaven’s really - as if returning to the days where females are expected to quietly accept the denial of reciprocal sexual pleasure will somehow create harmony between the sheets and lower the divorce rate? Oh please, whose side is the woman on. The female liberationists who fought and in some cases, died to install even the slightest measure of equality in western world bedrooms, no doubt rolled over in their graves the day the book was published.  

Robinson’s proposal seemed to be a piece that built a whole lot of expectation, only to then let the reader down with a thud, midway through. I state my case that women everywhere should be burning the book in protest to it proposing we turn back the clock and return to the days where women were expected to lay on their backs and think of England. Karezza is just a plain stupid step back into the dark ages when you take into account that the female has to just trust that the man is not going to ‘blow his seed’ and impregnate her; because there certainly ain’t no mention of the use of condoms, or withdrawal anywhere. 

While ‘He’ is practicing the technique of Karezza, it appears an unspoken expectation that ‘She’ will have to remain on the pill - obliged to continue swallowing a toxic chemical compound that is bound to interrupt and thus neutralize any natural rise in ‘Her’ sexual desire that would otherwise occur around ovulation and again in the days leading up to menstruation; that is if ‘Her’ sexual health were accommodation, first and foremost.

What galled me the most was that ‘Cupid’s Poison Arrow’ shamefully missed the opportunity to carry to a valid conclusion, a solution to the issues the research, raised. Instead it persuasively endorsed the male’s right to penile sexual pleasure, while the female, yet again, was denied stimulation to her pleasure piece, in preference for conceding defeat and thus submitting to the long held tradition of passively being used as no more than a receptacle to facilitate the dominant male's, sexual satisfaction. 

Undeniably Robinson’s partner, Gary Wilson’s ‘Your Brain on Porn’ is the most wonderful tool to use to explain how their bodies work. I will give it 5 Stars and often declare it the Rolls Royce of ‘Sex Educations’.

However I must confess I felt totally let down when I then went on to read his partner, Marnia Robinson’s, solution to over-ridding the disruptive curse of our primitive biological gene drives. What a bummer to find out that what Robinson proposed was nothing short of a rehash of Dr Alice B. Stockham’s, 1903 published  book, ‘KAREZZA ETHICS OF MARRIAGE’; which itself was no less than a knock off of my dearest of heroes, John Noyes’ 1872 publication, ‘Male Continence.’

Now it seems obvious that every half-century or so, some clever-dick or chick, decides to rebrand Noyes little alternative family planning booklet, as their own. However seeing that Noyes’ theory and practice has been deemed worthy of reproduction so many times over the past century and a half, inarguably it is clear that it is just not me who sees the value in American’s most radically avant-garde social, sexual and domestic human experimenter’s detailed work on solving the problem of sex – or should I say the problem of ‘incontinent’ intercourse.

Clearly when Noyes began experimenting; exercising his ability to come or not to come; to hold back orgasm, at some point the thought must have crossed his mind that he was onto something. It’s my guess; much the same way I myself intuitively sniffed the value of my experiences in regard to remaining consciously in control of the mind at a point where the body seemed to have a mind of its own. That is how ‘Tipping’ evolved. Like myself, Noyes obviously became more and more excited by the sexual control he was able to master.

Evidently he was able to connect the dots and realize the spin off effect of being able to potentially divert the ill-fate of many, who had suffered all that he and his wife had suffered with unregulated pregnancies. Otherwise I doubt a man of such public standing would have risked public ridicule, making known the intimate details of what went on behind the closed doors of his bedroom. Courageously as a Christian Minister, he dared to share what he himself had discovered; and that was the benefits to both his wife and himself, of avoiding ejaculating inside the female receptor – the one who possessed the anatomy that created the friction that had got him to orgasm. But of course this was nothing new; ‘coitus interruptus’ has been a common practice for eons.

Amongst Catholics worldwide, pulling out at the point of ejaculation has been popular as a method of birth-control condoned under sufferance by the Papacy. Still Coitus Interruptus is little used with any consistency by those of the faith. It sees it is only regularly practiced by very few who have the will and stamina to fight off the draw toward the ‘Little Death’ as the Chinese Taoist call orgasm, while still inside the vessel providing the heat, suction and friction causing their oh so delightful draw toward – on the bed-sheets. It seems since the installation of the infallibility of Popes, only economically hard-pressed Catholics seeking to curtail the size of the families and the limit the number of mouths they have to feed, have taken to ‘pulling out’ with any consistency.  

However at this point I would be totally misrepresenting Noyes’ ‘Male Sexual Continence’ method if I lead you to believe that this famous social engineer had simply relabeled and claimed the ancient practice of withdrawing the cock from the box at a point prior to ejaculation. Noyes advocated no such thing, but rather he proposed actual ‘Male Continence’; which to be what it claims is the actual retention of stimulated and aroused into production semen, within the body.

Fact is Noyes’ method of birth control went so much further than spilling semen on the sheets. His approach entailed stopping just shy of tipping over into Orgasmic spasms. How? Well that would be giving a highly readable and fascinating plot away. Best others read Noyes account of discovering and experimenting with his own form of ‘Tipping’. The book is still out there on the net for free, under the title ‘Male Continence.’ 

Inarguably way back in the early 1800’s this highly religious and spiritually evolved minister (of his own cut of cloth), accidentally fell upon what some know to be a very ancient evolved spiritual sexual practice, practiced by the elect seekers of many brands and  denominations of paths to enlightenment and higher consciousness. Sexual Continence is a very well-known, yet little practiced Buddhist, Hindu, Gnostic Christian and even Chinese spiritual teaching whereby genuinely committed devotees of these religions practices use sexual continence as a path to atunements ‘with all there is.’

So in evaluating Marnia Robinson’s ‘Cupid’s Poison Arrow,’ to be fair I have to give it a thumbs up and a thumbs down; which lands it in a neutral place of value. Certainly it is a valuable read in regards to the research gathered and presented in a very readable way to make the reader aware of the dictates of the ‘Coolidge Effect’ - 100 points there. But sadly I feel justified in deducting the entire lot when I consider that as a solution to the problem Robinson raises; and raises well, she simply throws in a rehash and re-brand of the very Catholic as well as corrupt global corporates’ agenda to have the masses unconsciously continue to put the cock in the box and thereby continue to breed conscripts to be used and abused to perpetuate, extend and sure up these greedy bastard’s enormous power and profits. 

There I have said it – I loathe the likes of the Robinson's of this world who are only half-smart, but not smart enough to know how really dumb they are. To be presenting oneself as some kind of expert in the field of Sexology; and validating intercourse in this day and age is just pure criminal. Now here I am loathe to repeat Robinson’s ridiculous propositions, but I will just to give you a taste of what causes me to deem her such a deceiving menace. In the second part of ‘Cupid’s Poison Arrow’, Robinson really gets down the business of putting her backing behind the patriarchal reign of males right to access the female body as his, her words, Comfort – mine apparatus.  Page after page she sinks down to the bottom of the quagmire of distorted ‘holy ordained’ sacred virtues of the woman suffered an invading alien instrument within her birth canal, if and despite whether she is in ‘Season’ – ovulating.  

Here she drags out all the ancient Hindi, Taoist and Tantric patriarchal arsenal of guff. Really, actually dishes up the recommendation that a Male practitioner of Karezza actually use has hands or get his partner to use hers, to ‘Stuff’ his limb dick into her vaginal canal. Mind you, there is no instruction or licence given to simulate the clitoris first, before attempting such a painful procedure. Ouch! Bugger that for a joke. Is the woman serious? And this is supposed to be comforting for both parties? I think not.

The entire second half of the book consists of nothing more than a rehash of centuries’ old stereotypical cohesion to cater to the primitive male sexual needs and wants. The positions Robinson recommends are so utterly unevolved; so done-done boring, it’s laughable.

My advice, for what it is worth, is read the book: study the first half of it then laugh all the way through the second part. Why? Because it is a total insult to any evolved adult. It is just a watered down version of Tantra and several well-known novice Kamasutra positions.  So when you are done, compost it in the garden and let the paper wasted producing this archaic dribble, at the very least, go some way to saving the planet... read more

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  1. My partner and I had been a follower of Karezza for several years. When my partner and I first got into it, I guess the novelty of it carried us along for a quite awhile. However for her and secretly for me also, there was always the risk of pregnancy if I became aroused. Also the problem I had with Karezza, which consisted of still putting the ‘cock in the box’ was that from beginning and end, was that the whole deal was so one sided.

    Now I know why. The vaginal canal that was providing me with stimulation – pressure, heat and suction, is completely insensitive for good reason. And I always felt it. My cock being inside of her was doing nothing for her pleasure – how could it. I feel so mad that we have all been so hook-winked.

    Honestly I always felt guilty still while engaged in Karezza, but could not voice it.

    Thank you so much Amara for opening our eyes to a better way of providing each other with pleasure.

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