Behind Closed Doors – Lifting the veil on the suffering of the sensual pleasure deprived Female


Behind Closed Doors 

...lifting the veil on the secret suffering
of the sensual-pleasure
starved female

 For millennia, males whether rich or poor, youthful or aged, have demanded right of way when fulfilling their ‘gender specific’ need for sexual stimulation that culminating in ultimate satisfaction – the big blow. Relief! This ‘right of way’ though, recognized or not, fundamentally, not only completely disregards the female’s pleasure anatomy, but also burdens her with severe disadvantage - continually exposing her to the risks of both disease and pregnancy.

Across the board, men demand sexual release, avidly and in more cultures than not, arrived at via access to the vagina’s attributes of friction, suction and heat. Few would argue that it would culminate in a rather fruitless search to try to discover a male on the planet that did not claim the essentialness of orgasm - derived predominantly, from being permitted to penetrate and thrust to one’s penile content, within one or many, a female’s birth-canal.  The world over, it is fairly standard criteria that males claim that a buildup of pressure within their testes is detrimental to their health.   

In contrast, an equivalent claim that a buildup of pressure in the clitoral regions, is equally detrimental to the mental, emotional or physical health of a female; despite the fact that it is true, will rarely ever be uttered by an self-respecting female.  For whatever reasons, the majority of women seem destined to continue to forfeit, bringing to the light of day, even just the complaint that through sheer and utter deprivation of stimulation to their actual, sexual pleasure apparatus – namely the Clitoris and near topical regions, they are tortured with the abject buildup of both mental and physiological tension that cannot help but manifest in a myriad of nervous disorders.

But of course these commonly referred to as ‘women’s complaints’  have been super imposed with a myriad of labels and sub-types; all cleverly orchestrated as needing to be medicated – silenced, written off as common garden-varieties of depression and anxiety. As it stands, more than a quarter of the American population are medicated for these types of ‘Dis-eases’. The stats shamefully show that the majority taking chemical compounds to ‘sedate’ them are by and large, women. Chronic sexual disappointment and deprivation of satisfaction is a disease unto itself that cannot be treated let alone, cured by unending suppression.

Now, more than ever, women are responding to this historic conspiracy with new awareness. However awareness does not necessarily mean resolve. If only thinking it could make it so.

Thus the question remains to be answered; why is it that all over the world, for millennia, men have conscious or unconsciously gotten away with suppressing women’s sexual response and basic arousal and stimulation needs? Naturally there is fear – because once a woman’s body becomes aware of the deeply satisfying pleasure her body is capable of sensually experiencing, it is then very difficult for one man to satisfy her.

Suppressed or not, the reality is that via the stimulation of the clitoris, woman can have a chain orgasms, while a man can have only one; after which a long refractory period is needed in order for him to recover, before he can go again.

After an orgasm, man needs a long recovery period; whereas a woman does not. The most inconvenient and therefore suppressed truth is that within mere seconds after her orgasm, a female is ready, willing and wide open to accept further stimulation. Yet in contrast, the man by biological design, most assuredly, is not and cannot. If genital stimulation in whatever form is doled out to him, in the same time frame as the woman relishes additional stimulation, it would do nothing but irritate him, and even be experienced as unbearable pain in most instances.  

Provided sufficient physical and mental stimulation of the right persuasion; few who have taken the time and trouble to inform themselves of even the most rudimentary mechanics of sexual response, will little argue with the claim that ‘any woman’ has the capacity to have at least three orgasms in succession; whereas a man can have only one. Granted, it is a rare phenomenon for ‘any woman’ regardless of social or economic class or culture to have three orgasms in a row; unless these are self-induced by their own hand while enjoying the luxury of their own, exclusive company. Yet that does not prove that it is not possible; nor less deplorable that multiple orgasms are not the common experience of the greater pleasure-capacitated, female of our species. Rather, just makes it sad.

Another strange and curious truth that is worthy of mention while we are hanging our primal loincloths out on the public clothes line; is that most women know, and yet can rarely even admit it to themselves, let alone a partner - that not until a man arrives at the destination of orgasm, can a woman become sufficiently aroused and well-enough readied to bid her own orgasms. If we accept this as fact then we also must acknowledge that all the torment and ridiculous games of ‘holding off’ fighting the urge to come – is utter nonsense.

What does it matter if he comes before or after her? As most women would tell you if they could; if there was some kind of indemnity against the inevitable backlash, should they come even within an inch of wounding the delicate male pride; is that without sufficient deliberate clitoral stimulation, she will have no other choice, but to fake an orgasm; like she always does, and will continue to have to do, without an end in sight.

If she doesn’t fake it, heck every woman know it, he will just plunder on… and on…. and on - pumping and thrusting, pushing and forcing is prick into her birth-canal, leaving her raw and sore, as always. Most women wise up pretty quick once they submit to intimacy, and learn to ‘cry out’ fairly early into the act. They know that if he thinks he has performed a miracle – waved his ‘Magic Wand’, look no hands, and thus by miraculously clever means, made her come then ‘God Dam’ the wretched chore will be done and dusted. That is until duty calls and once again she is forced to submit to the one sided affair, in an effort to ‘keep the peace’. 

The well documented, biological evidence is that women sexually charge and excite at a much slower rate than men. It is often the case that a male will be fully disrobed, erect and at the point of penetration, before a woman has even thought of unbuttoning her nightie.

And of course biologically, it is no accident that the female is slower to heat up than the male. For the female it is a huge conscious or unconscious decision to ‘mate’. Recognized or not, there is a great deal to weigh up. A lot is at stake. With this one mating, she could end up being left wholly and solely responsible to provide a new life and all that it entails. Even in bringing forth that new life, she risks her own.

Despite the younger generations having been exposed to a ‘sex education’ in school, or else older generations considering themselves widely read on the subject; few of us display any evidence that we are clued in and accepting of the facts that the biological design of the female pleasure response – namely the time and methods of pleasure arousal are greatly different to male’s.

Few members of either sex seem to be able to comprehend; or if they do, to accept and adjust their love making routine accordingly to accommodate the female biological lag in response to pleasurable sensual mind and body stimulation. The reason for this differentiation; ‘slow to boil’ response within the female, is specifically installed by the cleverness of biological selection to ensure the propagation of the fittest.  Clever as it is, the design is set with the genes to ensure that the male who was prepared to ‘hang around’ patiently to woo the female who carried the ‘egg’, would be the one who got to get his DNA ‘name’, on that ‘egg.’ 

Patience and attentiveness seem cleverly encoded into the perpetuation of the species. As such, if a male of the species is not capable of displaying these most necessary characteristics then more than likely, he must be prepared to spend his virile days, continually chasing after and capturing, by ‘club’, ‘victims’ from amongst those that unwittingly and unwilling, aid and abet his specific gene continuance. But of course these are by no means rare creatures. On the contrary, the ‘Brute’s’ proliferation is assured, still, in many cultures throughout both hemispheres; though the form of the club may have morphed into no more or less than economic carrots and sticks, it nonetheless remains a club that is used to capture and keep a mate in constant submission.

Yet it could so easily be played as a different ‘Game’ – an easier more honest ‘Game’ that makes it a relaxed win-win for both sexes to have their gender specific, needs met, in regards to satisfying whole body and mind, stimulation and release. The whole ‘Game’ of sexual satisfaction, could so easily be rearranged in such a way to ensure that both parties ‘scored’, the prize, they both entered the game hoping to win. 

The name of the ‘Game’ where everyone is guaranteed to win, is of course the game of whole body and mind manual sensual pleasuring – culminating in release of both the body and mind’s tension. In this new game, the rules are that everyone takes a turn at being the giver then the receiver, until all ‘Players’ are satisfied. It is that simple – easy as. No mess, no fuss. Not a chance of disease or pregnancy - nothing to worry about.

And the best part of this new Game is that there is no limit to the number of players that can be on the ‘field’ at any one time - only the length and breadth of the ‘Stadium’ decides the number of players that can play.

And of course the rules of the game are founded on new rules, where all goals are scored ‘outside’ the body and ‘inside’ the mind. In the new game no one forfeits – there are no forfeits. Everyone who plays wins the major prize – which is none other than pleasure. It’s all good clean fun when ‘clubs’ are left out of ‘Game’... read more







  1. When someone is frequently naysaying a proposal or a situation, it’s tempting not to fall into the trap of working your little heart out to try to figure out how to bring them happy.

    You rack your brain trying to work out what in your argument can you change to find a compromise. You keep thinking, how can you listen to their objections and respond in a way to gain their approval?

    It might be, though that being oppositional is making the naysayer happy. It might be that being oppositional without reason, without being open to the actual proposal, is the only way they get attention. It might be their habit; nothing to do with the message or proposal at all.

    Since I have learnt this about oppositional people, I come to asking very early in the conversation – ‘do you have a better idea?’ It usually stops them in their tracks.

    In my experience that sometimes the best way to satisfy a person’s objections is to let them keep objecting. Essentially, let them ‘hang themselves’by their own arguments.

    Inarguably ‘Complex Union’ as Amara Hart proposes, and all it entails, is a radical divorcing of Mum and Dad marriage, along with the associated 30 year mortgage and 2.5 kids to raise and educate. But that’s it; it is a radical change, the same way leaving the ‘Cave’ was radical change. No doubt ditching the horse and buggy to ride around in motor cars was seen as radical change. I am sure many people held out and wouldn’t ride in them for a long time. Especially older people. And this is understandable. It is hard for new ideas to be accepted once you have lived a certain way for 20 or 30 or more years.

    But the fact is any change or new invention is radical in the beginning. But what is wrong with radical when it brings better conditions, ease and brings us closer to the conditions of peaceful relations with everyone, animals included?

  2. Fantastic advice. Thanks Amara for sharing your wisdom and experience. You are truly an inspiration leader of change!

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