Understanding Sex Energy as the Essential Life Force




All Sexual Energy is life force 400Many of my clients and workshop participants who are seeking to include sex as part, or even the focal point of their spiritual path and practice, often times ask me if it is possible to use sex as the bridge to the higher levels of consciousness. Yet of course this is a very vague and largely open-ended question – what do they mean by when they say, use sex? What kind of sex practices are they intending to use to reach  the higher levels of conscious awareness of self and the whole; self-pleasuring, Tantric breathing… or just straight intercourse with a partner of the opposite sex, or the same sex?

First things first; first one must understand that there is no such thing as sex energy, only energy – which is the essential life force within the body and mind also. Remember the whole cannot be separated. The mind cannot leave the body and the body remain alive and vital. Simply impossible – against the law; the whole must remain the whole for it to remain.

Therefore the first rule to understanding your sexuality is to realize that the energy inside of you has no capacity to discriminate, or label one channel of energy as sexual and another as ordinary energy; or such like. That is simply impossible. Again, against the law of the whole remaining the whole in order to remain active and able to sustain life.

Now many complain that they have no sexual energy; or not enough of it; but really the truth of what these men and women of all ages are actually stating is that they are able to effectively harness very of the life-force within. Again, let me assure you, sex energy and life force energy, are one and the same. The only difference is, in how it is expressed; that is all. But certainly, there is no need to label these expressions differently. Imagine if we did. One would be going about declaring, ‘oh I had massive amounts of dish-washing energy this morning.’ Or another might shout from the rooftops, ‘Look at me, look at me, I have enormous amounts of football energy.’

Of course this would be utterly ridiculous; so please do yourself a favor and drop labeling your life force energy. If you can; if you cease from trying to separate your energy, naturally this will help you identify the flowing of all the life force within. As a result you will have a hope of mastering it; channeling it where you will, rather than letting it master, or defeat you.

Let us move on and understand that life force manifests and is built and aroused from many sources. Sex is but one of many sources. When life energy becomes biological, it becomes sex energy. Sex is but one ‘application’ of your vital life force energy. Therefore if you are having issues arousing or containing you sexual energy then surely you should look at the whole of your energy system.

Many never think about such things; with the result this lack of self-awareness trips them up; sometimes with catastrophic consequences. A baby is brought into existence without thought of sustaining its welfare. An STD is contracted or passed on; sometimes a death sentence, others times causing great suffering and shame.

Certainly it would be wise to think it through and decide; does your sexual energy just flow in one direction - down and out? And also consider; where it is coming from? How and where is that irritation and fullness that you feel in the genitals and feel compelled to release and be rid of; where is it generated? From stimulation of the genitals, only? From fantasies in the head? From love in the heart? Where?

Now I will let you in on this secret; if and when life energy can be made to flow, not down and out through the genitals, but instead up in the direction of the throat, then and only then, is the primitive biological draws and subsequent outcome of an emission of seed, which is essentially the loss of life force, negated – cancelled out. If and when you harness the life force and direct it; channel it towards the throat, necessarily it is transformed – raised from destruction.

Yes I have said destruction to indicate that for both the male and the female, if the life force is allowed to flow down and out through the genitals; it is unmistakably lost - destroyed. Fundamentally a piece of you is thus chipped away, broken off; sometimes transferred and absorbed within other person, but most times just to the sheets and washed away – gone forever. No getting that part of you back.

And of course this is how many males and females alike, unconsciously experience sex, as a depletion of their vital energy. Still what is true and has been true for ions is that many men and women wake and become semi-conscious that sex is actually depleting their energies, and therefore they come to shying away from real sexual exchanges, preferring instead to gain stimulation from their own hand or nowadays, some type of handheld apparatus. Many believe that it is ‘safer that way.’ But still, this self-operative does not save them. If the life force energies are flowed down and out, inevitably there is no way to negate depletion. Depleted you will be, either with or without a partner.

That is the incontestable biological design of primitive sex. It is designed not for union or sustainability with one partner, or for enclosed exclusive self-gratification, but for diversity - expansion. Don’t remain ignorant of the ‘Coolidge Effect’ and therefore let it play you. Know that if and when our instinctive biological programming does not get its own way; meaning if the biological rhythms and draws of expansion and reproduction do not get the result they are programmed to seek, then inevitably, a dying, a degeneration, a passing away will take place in order for you to be replaced by another who will ‘play biology’s game’, if you can’t or won’t. It doesn’t matter.

There is no denying it; the sex drive, this irritation and fullness, as well as pressure that is felt in the genitals of both the male and the female, is the natural biological flow of life force energy. No divorcing it. It is there each and every hour of the day and night. Understand that this energy is essential energy and also totally part and parcel of the human organism; and therefore anything but evil; despite what religion, or anyone else tries to hang on you. Life cannot exist without it. It is how you got here and the reason you remain.

So for god sake, step out of ignorance and quit condemning the arousal you feel. Naturally it is there, otherwise you would be dead; you would cease to exist. But nevertheless releasing energy through genital orgasm is the lowest and least productive form of utilizing the life force energy. Of course it is a release of pressure and it indeed helps one who is stressed to relax. This is undeniable. Man and woman have been using this stress relief technique since the days of the caveman.

Nothing has changed. The caveman and woman make love the same way as we do today. Millions of year on, we still release and explode the excess life force energies the same way. Funny that - technologies have come and gone; sharpened branches of trees have been turned into spears that were then turned into iron machetes; iron machetes were turned into iron guns, iron guns turned into missiles. But still sex has remained sex – man on top, woman on top; but still it is the same - the energy is drawn down and out, exploded.

And this unconscious throwing out of our energy goes on in our homes, sometimes in the workplace; if we are lucky or unlucky,  each and every day. It is just a habit, an expectation even. But nonetheless it makes many of us uneasy, ashamed, drained, regretful… The basic sex act that culminates in orgasm is a undeniably a relief; for most it is no more relevant than squeezing out a good sneeze - just a biological need to be processed - nothing more. The energy is thrown out and thus one is unburdened. Now you can concentrate on other matters. But nonetheless this throwing off of energy is destructive; and far from creative.

Here is the link to Gary Wilson’s ‘Your Brain on Porn’ series, which explains the ins and outs of the ‘Coolidge Effect’ that is all part and parcel of our biological programming. Do not be put off by the title – I guarantee it will be the best sex education you will ever get... read more 

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