Tipping – waking to the primitive in a civilized world

Waking to the Primitive in a Civilized World

Part 2

Slowly, and I must say reluctantly, after a year of recording my own health and energy levels following normal as well as extended ejaculatory orgasms, there I had it; undeniable proof that orgasms were not all they were cracked up to be. In fact now I had distinct evidence to the contrary. Here in my health journal was a record of a definite pattern of marked deterioration in both my mental and physical vigor and energy levels, which plainly carried over for a minimum of a two week period, beyond the day I willingly and ever so deliberately, ‘pulled the plug’ on my sexual energies.

Of course having to face up to this fact was not at all easy. Indeed it was incredibly difficult to swallow. Essentially my very livelihood and credibility as a Pleasure Coach was founded on the attributes of orgasmic release. If the fundamental base of my healing method were toppled then my practice was sure to follow suit.  If what I had discovered to be true for me; which was that orgasm clearly and significantly depleted my energy levels, and also caused my body to react as if it was fighting the flu, turned out to be true for others also then certainly I had no other choice but to significantly overhaul what I was offering clients.

Yet if I could not do that; if current as well as clients on my waiting list, could not and would not, accept me showing them, what was once and still is, a widely accepted Eastern cultural truth concerning the right-use of the sexual energies then what choice did I have other than to close the doors of my Pleasure Coaching Practice behind me. Naturally after discovering the significant flaws to indiscriminate orgasmic release, I was very much tormented by the idea of having to walk away from a career that had indeed been excruciatingly hard won.

Certainly, I could not see any of my current clients sticking with me. In my mind it was laughable to even imagine that even one of the clients that had started their ‘Pleasure healing’ journeys with me, would convert as I had, once I’d discovered the detrimental way in which regular ‘at will’ orgasmic release had affected not only my general wellbeing, but also my ‘will and want’ for social interaction.

At this critical juncture in my career as a pleasure healer and psycho-sexual progression coach, for many months I did not take on any new clients. In fact I came to fobbing off the regulars that I had already committed to seeing through to attain their ‘end goal,’ which of course was to regain or attain for the very first time the ability to reach an orgasmic climax. Now during these gaps in my every day schedule, I was indeed exceptionally busy; busy mulling over in my mind how I could break the news to those who were still coming to me in an effort to refine and repair their pleasure responses. I was adamant, these had to convert and immediately quit habitually ‘blowing’ the whole of their sexual energies.

Needless to say even just contemplating advising the clients that I myself, had only recently encouraged and coached, with all that was within me, to go in the opposite direction; seemed beyond hypocritical. I could see it; it would be indeed career suicide to precipitously up and do, ‘an about face.’ Who would ever trust me again, if I were to   just suddenly up and take to teaching a modality of sexual reform that was so far left of accepted modern convention that I deemed it on par with Copernicus announcing to the Pope that he had proof that the world was round, rather than flat?

Slowly but surely the more I became convinced of the undeniable truth that orgasm; or should I say that excessive release of our core life force energies was detrimental to both our physical as well as mental health; and also had a marked effect on our relationships, the more I lost interest in continuing to coach clients to ‘Go Over.’

I just couldn’t live a lie. Hence for many years I stayed out of pleasure healing. I just didn’t have the heart to touch it; or touch people the same way as I use to, with no qualms about.  It was a slow awakening; very gradual, but nonetheless in some way, I came to regard bringing clients to orgasm as a depletion of my relationship with them also. And certainly this feeling, or unspoken perception was not at all one-sided, as years before I quit the practice, I came to realise that once I helped a client ‘get there,’ I lost them. Rarely did I hear from those who ‘achieved’ ever again. 

They might have been ‘cured’ and gone onto better things, but really I didn’t know. I had no hard evidence, either way. I was just left hanging without a verdict. However a few years later, I had my suspicions confirmed. The answer to whether or not bringing clients to orgasm helped them in any way over the longer-term seemed to drop out of the sky. Suddenly after the quite accidentally discovered Gary Wilson’s Video series, ‘Your Brain on Porn,’ I clued into what had happened between myself and clients once they achieved ‘coming.’ Of course the ‘Coolidge Effect’ had kicked in; and so after I had brought a client to orgasm, quite biologically natural, they never wanted to see me again.

Why? Because as Wilson explains; my clients were figuratively done, ‘seeding me’ - even though the only person in the room with their clothes off, was them. Nonetheless the laws of nature were unwittingly, not to be surpassed. According to their biological programming, each and every one of my client that had achieved a release of semen – seed; had their brains process the event as a passing on of their genes to me. After which their only job was to go off looking for a different animal to pass these same insatiable blue-prints of reproduction, on to.

Soon I was to learn that seeking diversity is how we are all biologically programmed. Wilson drives this largely ignored, but nonetheless basic human and animal instinctive urge toward diversity, home, through his well-researched and wonderful graphical presentation. Certainly Wilson makes it known that this biochemical drive is there, inescapable; that if one is unconscious of it. Yet if one awakes to the ‘undertow,’ of this biological programming’s inherent push and pull then suddenly one has a chance of mastering it rather than letting it continuing to make one a slave to its own primitive ends.

But of course even then, all the pieces of the puzzle that orgasm clearly was; didn’t fall into place the minute this critical knowledge landed in my lap. Frustratingly it was just there; hanging around, tormenting me; making me aware that I had been, and still was, a victim of a biology that was hell bent of multiplying; reproducing itself and nothing more. In my mind, this instinctive drive was clearly pure evil; utterly destructive. No wonder the Chinese have along referred to orgasm, ‘as the little death.’

Yet despite how we feel after a ‘blow,’ this draw to dissipate our life-force energies is ever so enticing. Certainly it has the goods that everyone wants. This reproductive draw is indeed the candy store with all the lollies - every kind imaginable. Who can resist?

Well some can if they have a strong enough determination to resist the urge to seek a dissipation of their sensual impulses. But eventually; realistically, the sexual irritation becomes too much. Ultimately humans as well as animals and insects, along with the fishes in the deep blue sea are designed to be effectively overpowered, by the power that brought them into existence also. Few will argue that the forever generator of the life force energy, within, is clearly a pre-programmed cosmically bestowed cycle of reformation - renewal and replacement... read more

Funny enough, without our Daddies orgasm, none of us would be here.


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