Tipping – the scales fall from our eyes

Tipping - the Scales fall from our Eyes

Part 1

Amazingly ‘Tipping’ is proving time and again to be a most marvelously energizing as well as restorative relationship sex practice. The majority of men and women who learn to ‘Tip’, claim that Tipping is responsible for a major increase in their mental alertness, physical energy and strength, as well as, greatly amplifying their social attractiveness. 

Likewise, from the very outset of discovering the practice of sexual energy circulation and containment, rather than the usual expulsion of the energy through orgasm, this was all my own experience. Straight off the bat, I noticed that I had more energy and my mind was clearer. Yet what was intriguingly evident within days of taking up ‘Tipping’ rather than doing the usual; which was indiscriminately, ‘blowing’ my sexual energy through allowing myself to go into a full-blown orgasm, I seemed to attract a myriad of strangers who just came right up to me while I was out shopping and started flirting with me.

Now don’t be thinking that ‘Tipping’ was something that just landed in my lap. Certainly it didn’t. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality its realization, for the lack of a better description, was a slow creep – an awareness that just seemed to tiptoe its way into my consciousness.

As many of you may already know if you have been a pleasure coaching client, or read the first book in the New Sexual Evolution Series, Making the Bliss Mistress, as a Pleasure healer and Psycho-sexual Progression Coach, for many years the end game of all and every one of my client sessions, was to bring the man or woman I had on the table to a fulfilling climax. For many males and females alike who were struggling to achieve such, actually being able to finally get ‘there’ was major – a really, really big deal.

To finally achieve orgasm was for those who had been deprived of a discharge of sexual energy for some time, or forever; it was truly a wonderful relief as well as a milestone worth celebrating. Achieving a climax, with or without a partner for many who had suffered the scourge of years of impotency, as well as, orgasmic deprivation, finally ‘going over’ into the land of ecstatic bliss, appeared to improve not only their personal mental & physical health, but also their intimate relationships.

Or so it seemed. Some say ignorance is Bliss. For some, it might be. But for the majority, ignorance of how their bodies function and also how harmonic relationships are to be had and maintained, leads them not into the land bliss, but damnation. Knowing what I know now, I have come to recognize that ignorance is the worst of curses; a plain and stupid waste of our lives and certainly not something that needs to be suffered through.

Soon fate was to have a hand in leading me down a path to where I was to discover that the ‘Big O’ was not the be all and end all that most of us in our modern day and age have been lead to believe. Clearly when I came to evaluating my own personal experience of orgasmic release; right from the start there were significant enough reasons to become suspicious of the seeming, worldwide claims that orgasm was ‘where it was at.’

Like so many, I too fell for the contemporary, corrupt, concocted lie that discharging one’s sexual energy irritations was ‘the ultimate.’ No harm in it at all - so enjoy without restriction… that is if you have paid your dues to the multi-billion dollar profiteers who pedal the chemical ‘Pill’ and push expensive ‘Condoms,’ on mere school children, so that all are forever looped into the cycle of dependence on these corrupt corporations to be permitted ‘a free ride’ when it comes to blowing one’s reproductive seed via orgasm.

Certainly Orgasm has become convention – nothing preventing any one, of any age, from indulging – letting the cannon balls fire and shoot where they will. That is as long as one is ‘Protected’ from pregnancy and communicable diseases. Oh thank you ‘Bayer.’ You have saved the world with the advent of your chemical concoction that while making null and void the advent of unwanted human progeny, also slowly poisons the woman, goaded by doctors who also take their cut from prescribing these so-called harmless drugs that are so ‘harmless’ that can only be access under the law, via a legal prescription.

We bow also to The G. D. Searle corporation - a subsidiary of Monsanto. Yes ironically the makers of Roundup®, a majorly contested-safe herbicide, along with the creators of genetically modified ‘Terminator Seeds,’ that just happen to have the code of reproducing themselves, deleted, are also heavy invested in terminating human reproduction. It seems Monsanto amongst other large, not-so-moral or ethically concerned with the welfare of the whole, corporations; do indeed have their finger in the birth-control pie.

Explicitly these peddlers of toxic substances, appear to be focused on proliferating the global acceptance that all females; starting as young as the commencement of the menses, should be taught and trained – molded, brainwashed and indoctrinated; for their own good of course, to just pop ‘the killer Gene’ into their mouths; or else have inserted into their bodies, without care or concern, a devise that will continue to leach such into their blood stream, without cessation, as if it these were as harmless as a vitamin and mineral supplement.

Chemical contraception is not a vitamin pill, nor are intrauterine devices of any kind –harmless mineral supplements capable of improving any woman’s health, regardless of race, color, creed or location. On the contrary, these types of crude contraptions lodged within, which are designed to trick the marvelous protective mechanisms of the womb into thinking that it has to fight the foreign body inserted within, are now proving to have major detrimental effects on the females who have been implanted. Of course this part of a womb’s body is in continual search and destroy mode; hence the uterus comes to also destroying any fertilized ovum that might seek to take up residence there.   

Thus, day and night this silence internal war is raged, without end. Is it any wonder that the majority of women who use chemical contraception that tricks the body into thinking that it is pregnant, along with those who have devices inserted within, to cause their wombs to become a continual battle ground, are also on a treadmill to the doctor’s office to be prescribed anti-depressants and also anti-anxiety medication? The fact is many millions of women, the world over, have either lost their lives or otherwise been made critically incapacitated, through taking chemical contraceptives and also agreeing to have foreign objects inserted into their wombs to prevent pregnancy.  

And now here I share a quote from a major health-policy advocate, Dr. J. Joseph Speidel, who was once the president of the Population Crisis Committee in Washington. Who knew there was even a ‘Population Crisis Committee?’ Anyways, while Speidel headed that committee, he admitted to that panel – ‘All current methods of contraception have drawbacks.’

Follow the money trail – and surely you will find the poison or projectile that leads to a prison of illness and addiction.

The global conspiracy of contraception is a whole subject on its own; yet not apart from the reasons why there is an urgent need for the ‘thinking’ populace to examine the blind spell that has led to the unconscious mass acceptance that the ‘cock going in the box’ is the only legitimate way to relieve and satisfy the natural biological drive for sexual stimulation and release.

Many at this time are indeed waking up to the fact that how we honor, handle and deal with the natural sex instinct, can either free us, or take us captive; as is the case with billions of women worldwide... read more

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