Sexual Energy Cycling – miracle of miracle medicines – the Art of Tipping part 3

SEXUAL ENERGY CYCLING - miracle of miracle medicines 

The Art of Tipping - Part 3

Now many might wonder; where does excess sexual energy come from? What causes it? Well according to Wilhelm Reich, the very food we eat as well as the air we breathe fills us with a substance – a life-force, he named Orgone Energy. Reich claimed that the ‘dammed up or not, the stuff was inescapable; and if not harnessed and released in the correct way; as well as regularly enough, it sent a person mad; completely insane.

Strange enough, many doctors and modern shrinks, actually agree with the man. Many a medical and mental health professional, believes that the periodic, deliberate excitation and subsequent release of the sexual charge, is a very natural and very necessary bodily function; much like pooping.

And of course after Reich’s famous book, ‘The Function of Orgasm’ fell into my hands years before, I had no hesitation marrying and endorsing the correctness of Reich’s scientific research that was backed up by practical evidence. I was there, a major fan; a dedicated recruit in the fight to get the truth out. Thus, for many years that was my mission, to save as many people as I could from a fate worse than death itself; which was to suffer the torment of prolonged debilitating depression and anxiety caused by what I believed to be the unnatural damming up of the essential cycling of the inherent life-force within. 

Like Reich himself, I was thoroughly convinced that stimulation of the genitals that culminated in the subsequent release of energy, incited, was the most effective ‘cure all’ for mental as well as a host of physical ailments. Using orgasm as a natural treatment for illness and specifically prolonged debilitating melancholy was the bandwagon I was happy enough to ride and stay on, for many years previous to discovering ‘Tipping.’

Slowly I came to see that orgasm was indeed beneficial to one’s health and well-being; yet like everything else, it had to be partaken of in moderation. Indulging in climax to excess, like food, is detrimental to our physical, mental and emotional health. Therefore just as one limits the amount of food one eats, to remain healthy and sane, one has to also limit the amount of occasions where one pulls the plug on the build-up of life force energy, within. 

Sexual Energy Irritation and Fullness

Sexual stimulation culminating in an explosive involuntary series of contractions is definitely how most of us dump the build-up of excessive energy within our bodies. Whether we consciously admit it to ourselves or to our partners, this dumping goes on regardless of whether or not we keep it a secret, or are open and honest about it.

Many males and females also feel a build-up of sexual energy as a general overall irritation - an anxiousness that is almost painful. For others while this pressure within the senses may not be felt great physical stress, at the very least it is felt as intolerably distracting, sometimes to the point of being menacing. Consequently, because humans and animals also, are programmed to seek comfort and relief when stressed, many are lurid to any type of easy comfort and distraction from the irritating distraction itself.

Of course many males and females too, at the slightest sense of stress or fullness in the genital region, fall into the trap of immediately masturbating – self-generating; rounding up as it were, all the energy and irritation within - then exploding it. Now here they are drained of this fullness - spent to the point of being near comatose.  Plainly we are all different. Some males and females have a very low sexual irritation threshold and simply cannot stand feeling this fullness in their genitals or other places in their central nerves system, for any length of time.

Now I think it is true to say that few of us realize where this excess energy comes from, or why it feels so horrendously awful to have to hold onto it for any length of time. Well first without getting too technical, let us lay a foundation in an effort to come to an understanding of what sexual energy actually is. Certainly it is the strangest thing that for most of us, we only become aware of this ‘secret squirrel’ energy knocking on our door, wanting to be paid some attention, when we get to a point of feeling an overall irritation.

Really and truly it is totally bizarre that nature has chosen irritation at a cellular level, as its way of triggering a response to cause us to pay this sexual energy any mind.  Now I know it might seem like a cruel joke, but nonetheless it is a fact; the dictionary declares that ‘Testiness,’ a term that many of us throw around without thinking, is actually a precise description of what happens when this excess ‘sexual buzz’ builds up and is not sufficiently drained from ‘the Testes.’ When this occurs, a male becomes testy – meaning irritated.

As many of you will already have been taught in biology class, the Testes are where male sperm are manufactured in their millions, each and every day, on auto pilot - no programming, care or concern needed. It just happens. Now that is the male’s story. But what about the female; does she not also feel irritated by a build-up of sexual energy at a cellular level? As any female who can trust you to keep her secret, she certainly does. And believe me when I tell you, the female suffers this irritation of excess life-force energy build up much worse than any male could ever imagine.

Psst… that’s why we girls keep the details of this surging energy a secret from you guys. The last thing we want when we are feeling ‘the Pressure’ in the whole of our female specific regions is to get into argument about who’s got it worse. Ain’t got time for adding competitions to the list of all we have to handle when we’re at the job of holding the world up. It just is what it is. The female life force energies are in much greater supply and circulation than the male’s, precisely because she is bestowed the more complex reproduction set up; namely the ovaries and the womb as well as a fully functioning set of mammary glands designed to actually  nourish and sustain the newly reproduced human.

But of course this is largely an inconvenient truth that all cultures, without exception, have worked for lifetimes; ions, to sweep and keep under the carpet. Why do you think female sexuality has been so utterly suppressed across so many time periods? Like I said, the truth is inconvenient and overwhelming problematic for those who are hell bent on holding power over the masses.

However times are a changing. Dawning is a day when wild natural women who are fully capable, aware and in control of the full extent of the life force within, will certainly become a force to be reckoned with. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Be afraid – be very afraid of the natural woman when she finally escapes the box. When she finally throws Bayer’s ovulation suppressing contraceptive pills and cancer causing inter-uterine devices in the bin then goes on to claim the power and purpose of her majestic awe-inspiring sex drive, look out man!  She’ll be coming through with a new broom and sweeping all the old corruptions up into her dustpan and setting things aright... read more

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