Beyond – beyond dissipation of the Life Force Energies

Beyond – beyond Dissipation
of the Life Force Energies

Previously we exposed this hidden feeling of having parts of ourselves chipped away by our sexual partners. This is precisely what many women and men also fear; that if and when they give themselves to a lover, a part of them is taken away – it goes missing. Thus of course many feel depleted, used up.

Many prostitutes say they got out of the business of selling their bodies, because there came a point where there was nothing left of them; just a shell. Many more women within ordinary relationships, voice the same concern.

Are they speaking nonsense, or the truth of what actually happens when one engages continually in just a bursting of the biological sex draw, bubble?

Sex – the cock in the box and to be more accurate, orgasmic release within the birth canal, is what keeps us separate. Never ever forget that. Do not be blinded by biology, or by those who use it as a biological weapon, against us, namely the pharmaceutical companies, governments and religious institutions. I say this because is it not a standard truth that if a woman finds out that her boyfriend or husband has had his cock in another’s box, this same female suddenly doesn’t want this man within a hundred years of her anymore. But why is that? Is it the risk of disease, the risk of contamination by another woman’s vaginal fluids; bacteria that causes her to pack his suitcase and throw it down the front steps onto the lawn?

Likewise if a man finds out that his wife or usual sex partner has, or is still ‘cheating’ on him, what does he do, other than fly into a rage. But really what is this anger about? Does he fear also that if he enters this woman again that he will be contaminated by another man’s semen? Perhaps he is genuinely worried that his dick might become diseased and fall off.

Certainly he feels betrayed; feels his lovemaking is somehow defective, all because the woman he was once determined to call his own; turns out not to be committed to sexually interacting with him exclusively. Are these the real causes of divorce and the reason we end our relationships once infidelity enters the fray? Or is it something else the man and the woman who have been betrayed fear - something unconscious and therefore never spoken or deciphered?

Let us now look for possible solutions to this oh so common occurrence of couples coming together, only to somewhere down the road, break apart. Whether it is the actual ending of the relationship, or just the cause of one falling into a stalemate, where both remain together, but nonetheless cohabitate miserably dissatisfied and resentful, ever after;  this force of ‘divorce’ needs to be understood if we are to go beyond revolving door type relationships, broken families, abandoned children and mental breakdown.

For many the root cause of their all-pervading will and want to come together only to then break apart, unconsciously runs parallel to the rise and dissipation of their sexual energies. Most spend their whole lives, generating life force only to misunderstand this pressure and irritation in the genitals as something that necessitates getting rid of. Thus they spend their lives and relationships seeking to gain and lose; regain and then lose again and again. Ultimately this seeking ‘after’ only to blow becomes an obsession – a pattern; that is until the body and the mind become totally and utterly ‘rutted’ and thus shut down the game.

When you come to understand life force energy as sexual energy, naturally you become aware that you are equivalent a mad builder who goes on laying the foundations, but never gets around to building the actual house for which the foundation is meant.

Realize that feeling and taking notice of the life force charge with the body when you feel that fullness and pressure within the genitals is just the signal that all is ready for you to build something more on top of the foundation that is already within. However if orgasm becomes the focal point of life force energy usage, the whole of one’s life becomes a waste; something that is ejaculated from the body and left on the sheets.

Commonly one of the first questions my clients or ‘Tipping’ workshops participants ask me is; ‘am I against intercourse.’ Certainly not if and when it is reserved for consciously making babies that are able to be well supported, and considered. Then I am usually asked what about oral sex, self-pleasuring? Am I against these things? Am I against genital orgasm however it is generated, that explodes and dissipates the essential life forces energies? It has its place. Am I against ecstasy? I live for it. But am I for intercourse and genital stimulation that results in the dissipation of the life force energies when it becomes the sole outlet for anyone, of any age; male or female to handle their essential energies? Certainly I am against it, only because I know how destructive it is to mind, body and relationships.

Certainly genital orgasm, the forcing down and out of the life force, can be the means to an end; but if we consciously ‘will’ to evolve and enhance both our health and stamina; as well as increase our social magnetism and stabilize our relationships then genital orgasmic release, cannot be allowed to become an end in, or of itself. And that is what has happened to so very many who are unconscious of the ‘right use’ and ‘gathering’ of their life force energies. All their lives they have only ever recognized, genital irritation and pelvic pressure as needing to be ‘gotten rid of’ – ‘the dog needing to be let of the chain.’ Thus blindly we seek orgasmic release, as the only legitimate use or ‘rounding up’ of our ‘life force,’ only in an effort to ‘blow’ it.

For many the moment they cannot muster or gather their sexual energies and feel ‘turned on’, they panic. They think they are dead. They think because they have no evidence of their life force that they must have died. They think their life is over. Similarly, many clients who come to me with impotency issues, fess up not too long after then walk through the door that they believe ‘life is over’ for them. And I am sure it feels that way to them.

‘But trust me,’ I say, ‘wait a little; open and learn a little about the self and how to generate and consciously gather the life force within and soon you will have a whole other life ahead of you.’

Understandably for many males when they arrive at a point of not being able to ‘get it up’ on command of ‘will’ as they are use to; they feel it as a great lose – a part of them has died. And certainly if drawing the life force always down and out of the body becomes the fixed immovable habit of a lifetime then inevitable one must come to an end of this streaming away from the body. Eventually the body is drained. The central purpose is achieved. Thus no longer does the body obey the instruction to centralize the excess life force down below, but rather it conserves and reserves what little it has for other essential life sustaining purposes... read more


  1. Its like you’ve read my mind! You appear to grasp so much that most of us cannot articulate regarding the subject of sexual relating and why we are drawn to do what we do, and with whom. I have recently read ‘Making the Bliss Mistress’. Wow, what an enthralling read. You courageously share so much. I am looking forward to finding out what happens next in ‘Hand of the Bliss Mistress’. Just wanted you to know that I admire your honesty and courage to share what you do, and get down to the nitty gritty of what is in our heads and hearts on a personal intimate level.

  2. May I just say what a relief it is to discover an individual who genuinely understands what they are discussing on the net. You certainly know how to bring an issue to light and make its relevant points understood. Men of all ages and cultures ought to look at taking your advice and using their hands to pleasure their partners, and to provide actual stimulation to the clitoris that the penis does not have a possibility of providing. So many women are missing out on the joy and health benefits of genital and whole body stimulation all because we have been brainwashed by the corrupt Pontiffs and now the greedy corporate pill-pushers that penetration is the only legitimate form of sexual relating.

    As a women I can tell you, this is so far removed from the truth that it is laughable when you find out that there is nothing ‘wrong with you because you feel no sensation, or experience no pleasure whatsoever from the ‘cocking being thrust into your vagina’ because the fact is, this part of your anatomy is essentially ‘deadwood’ ‘essentially designed to be insensitive’ to be able to allow the female to give birth as Amara explains so eloquently in ‘Hand of the Bliss’. I can’t believe you are not more popular because you most certainly have the gift for explaining the un-explainable.

    • You are most welcome Letty. Sending you a complimentary copy of ‘Play the Bliss Mistress’ to thank you for your kind comments

  3. I do believe that this is one of the most relevant articles I have ever read on the subject of whether we should cycle or blow sexual energy. You are so right – it is time for an upgrade. The idea of evolving our sexual psyche is indeed complex but I believe most necessary. Your articles are really excellent – food for thought. Looking forward to attending a Pleasure Healing Workshop and learning the Sexual Evolution Techniques. Good job, Cheers Jilly

  4. Your content and style are really unique compared to other people I have investigated. Thanks for posting. I have bookmarked Bliss Mistress Says and look forward to reading your future articles.

  5. Seriously enjoyed your perspective on this most ancient of subjects. Looking forward to reading more of your articles on the topic of reforming human sexual expression. You definitely know what you’re talking about. Thanks so much for making this information available for free.

  6. Beyond – beyond dissipation of the Life Force Energies is one of the most interesting articles on the topic of whether blowing our energies during orgasm is healthful or harmful. Looking forward to reading more of your dynamic relevant articles on sexual relating. PS, Seriously appreciated the valuable sex education outlined in ‘Hand of the Bliss Mistress.’ If only I would have been given that advice and insight in High School, oh how I would have avoided the usual pitfalls and life sentences of ‘anything but blissful’ bedroom relations.

  7. Beyond – beyond dissipation of the Life Force Energies – unique perspective. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences as a pleasure healer and psychosexual progression therapist. Thoroughly enjoyed ‘Making the Bliss Mistress and also ‘Hand of the Bliss Mistress.’ I learned so much because you were so generously candid. Truly looking forward to reading book 3 in the New Sexual Revolution – Game Changer Series – ‘Play the Bliss Mistress,’to continue and round out my sex education.

  8. Beyond – beyond dissipation of the Life Force Energies – Bliss Mistress Union, refreshing insight into a complex, but long overdue need to revise how we view sexual energy. Just finished reading the first book in the New Sexual Revolution – Game Changer Series, Making the Bliss Mistress and also I have just watched Catherine Breillat’s Film here at – ‘Romance’. What an eye-opener. It is as you say in ‘Making the Bliss Mistress’ the female psychosexual progressions are all there, laid out in a visual context. It took me a while to identify them all, but finally I found them all. First the sexual progression of the naive maiden, then the emerging Wild-woman and finally the mother aided and abetted by the archetypal initiator / chaperone Father. Loved the ending.

  9. I whole-heartedly agree with what you say about the need for men and women to convert to manually pleasuring each other, however I doubt men will take to it as readily as females. In fact I doubt any significant number of males will be willing to change at all and give up pressuring women to lay down on their backs or put their backsides in the air so that they can get their jollies, both physically and as you point out, cater to the caveman’s primitive psychosexual draws by dominating the woman they imagine they cleverly clubbed over the head and dragged back to their lair.

    I think it will be a cold day in hell before anything changes, yet I hope the hell I am wrong.

  10. Excellent insight here! Totally agree with your perspective on taking ‘the cock out of the box’. It is high time we came to understand the route to solving our health and relationship problems revolves around waking up the unnecessary risks we take in regard to unwanted pregnancies, disease and most of all, the one-sided deal intercourse is, with woman being the major losers. We forfeit our pleasure for the sake of the man’s all too often. This has to change if the war between man and women is to ever end so that children can get a better than they do currently.

  11. Beyond – beyond dissipation of the Life Force Energies – Bliss Mistress Union

    I get the message. How utterly blind can we all be. Completely hoodwinked. Your message to take the ‘cock out of the box’ might just save the planet. Certainly it has saved me and my relationship with my ‘Beloved.’

    Since I attended the ‘Pleasure Healing Workshop’ and learnt the techniques of life force energy cycling as well as some really ‘nice’ sensually pleasurable moves, my girlfriend is visiting more often. I am pleased to say that I have convinced her to go of the birth control pill. Promised I wouldn’t be doing anything that could come close to putting her at risk of pregnancy – she is a student.

    Thank you so much for your diligent training. It has saved my. My depression and anxiety is completely gone.

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