Mastering the Merlin

Mastering the Merlin Psycho-sexual Progression

Indisputably the Father, King and Merlin are the ultimate male psycho-sexual progressions which have the strongly perfected and valued attributes of all that has gone before in life.  The male entering into the Father psychosexual Progression and thereafter venturing through into the progression of King then moving onto the attain Merlin-ship is strong, open and developed emotionally. Thus he is able to allow himself to feel and explore the whole range of his emotions and face the fear of his vulnerability when expressing that which is aroused and erupted within the core of his being. The three advanced psychosexual progressions beyond the Wildman, all have two main attributes in common - these are selflessness in service and wisdom in providing counsel and practical guidance to all who seek their mature mentoring.

The Merlin teaches through stories and parables, rather than directly ever telling anyone seeking counsel, what they should do. The King of all conditions between Heaven and Earth is a very capable initiator and mentor to all masculine and feminine archetypes, right up to, and including the Crone who is his counterpart.

Sadly though in our society, a great many men struggle to a large degree to step into this role; and is it any wonder when there is so little, to no recognition, or reward for doing so. Inarguably honorable representation of the God face to the feminine energy is disgracefully lacking in our world today. As an example, most political leaders of our day and age are nothing more than greedy corrupt corporate puppets placed into positions of power to do the bidding of morally-crippled profiteers, poisoners and polluters.  Likewise, many of the religious leaders of our day who hold the world stage are nothing more than charlatans, teaching the perpetuation of primitive barbaric false doctrines.  Most show themselves to be ‘in the business’ for no other reason than these are addicted to glamour and self-promotion.

In contrast the truly developed male who has passed through the spiritual and psycho-sexual initiations of Wildman, Father and King, is a masterful lover who is the ultimate mate for the feminine in any and all of her sensual psycho-sexual stages. The maiden seeks to test her feminine whiles on him, while the Mother seeks his support and counsel to deal with her burden. And without him, the Crone will remain alone on her throne with no mate with which to rule.

The psycho-sexually developed King who has courageously steps up into the progression of Merlin holds a wealth of experience having learnt long ago the lesson of how to slow his energy down to bring it into harmony with the feminine.  The Merlin has a slow, patience and dependable hand; which is greatly desired and rejuvenating for the Maiden, Wild-woman, Mother and Crone.  

In the Father’s presence all feminine progressions can be sure that their sacred power and mysteries will not be shamed. He will not mock her or turn away in fear when she unveils the core of her feminine essence, which is so different to the males. Freud himself dared to make the statement that 'Every woman's fantasy is to be fucked by the Father,' and so it is archetypically speaking.

The few clues I am able to give you here are by no means meant to be an expert summary on this fascinating and important subject of human development.  

The Attributes of the Merlin
The Merlin is the King of Kings, who we learned earlier are the fathers of fathers. In his maturity, the Merlin does not concern himself with the lower in all things or persons, but rather he exclusively concerns himself with the higher more advanced of all spiritual developments, considerations and attainments. The lessor he leaves to the fathers and sons themselves. He, like the Crone, is an initiator; meaning one who hands down knowledge.

Intuitively the Merlin is a wise man who has integrated the feminine and masculine aspects within his spiritual and sexual; meaning root psyche who is thus enabled to consider all sides of the equation. He is patient and kind, yet he does not suffer fools close to him either. Above all else, the Merlin is a mediator, always, looking for the deeper meaning in things.

The Merlin is capable of acting as judge and adjudicator; yet usually chooses not to, instead he plays the role of peace-maker - one who is able to harmonize and dispel contention. Therefore the Merlin is through many cultures known as the redeemer; one who is saving, valid, good, restorative, compensatory, abiding, positive, authentic, sound, rational, bona fide, legally binding, well-founded, justifiable, authoritative, logical, endorsed, authorized and compelling – these are the characteristics of the Merlin Psycho-sexual Progression.

The Merlin’s place and purpose in regards to developing his own talents and personality is to harmonize his own energies – sexual and otherwise, to the energies of the cosmos – to the whole – to connect with all there is.

When and how can a king claim this progression?
A man can and will naturally claim the progression of Merlin if and when he has reached full maturity after gaining significant experience in the role of the King – father of fathers where he has honed his leadership skills and also his capacity for wise discernment and also stillness within. The Merlin characteristics emerge after a male has passed through the progressions of the King Returned, apprentice to the Wildman Warrior, Wildman Warrior, Father and King Psycho-sexual progressions which of course naturally in turn culminate in the development of the psycho-spiritual capacities. 

Once all these progressions have been mastered and passed through, the mature man will thus be able to take all of these achievements and step even further into the void; to reach further toward the unknown and seek its depths and mysteries to open and be revealed to him. Again this takes much bravery, much courage, along with much skill to build upon progression after progression, rather than remaining content to be discontent, remaining stagnant.

Throughout history we can find many examples of the Merlin; some being mythical, while some have revealed themselves in the flesh as the great philosophers have done such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle to name but a few who have attained the ultimate psycho-sexual and psycho-spiritual progression of King of kings. Indisputably in recent times a host of Merlins have walked amongst the common and thus lighting the path of the Merlin.

Here I take the liberty of naming men such as Osho, John Lennon, John Noyes, Neale Donald Walsh, Gandhi and many more as examples of our modern day Merlins who have clearly achieved and also demonstrated the Merlin progression in their conduct of advancing the cause of peace, love, justice and unity.

Potentially, plenty more males within our midst could achieve the advanced progression of Merlin beyond their 60th year, if these were conscious and deliberately lead into the advanced productions of their personalities and psyche of those who have attained beyond reaching the progression of King – father of fathers. In fact Merlin-ship could very well be revived in our day and age, if the males travelling the spiritual path of service, were to open to connect to a Merlin Mentor, within and without the Ethereal regions.

 As you see, advancing on toward the development of the Merlin qualities is not rocket science, but rather a pure and redeemable path that must be traveled by all men seeking to find deeper fulfillment as they mature.

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