Destiny of the Maiden


The Destiny of the Maiden

Crowning the CroneThe ancient tribe cultures always believed that the destiny of the maiden was with her from birth. In the female form the girl child was considered the ancient incarnating from many preceding generations to intercede for the ancestral line.  Therefore it was tribal law that the female child be fully respected and revered as well as given total freedom in regard to her direction and path, much more than the boy. 

From the earliest age the maiden took her place as an equal among her clan, while her opinion and offerings of wisdom were considered greatly in all discussions, especially those of a spiritual nature. 

More importantly the maiden was granted the freedom to leave her mother at weaning and take up the companionship of whomever she chose to guide and mentor her. If this was not her immediate grandmother or aunts, no one undermined her choice; because it was understood that maidens belonged to themselves as birthright, she was sovereign over her own life. 

221872812de0a28e706ad25ee2e14bc7In native cultures still today, Maidens have no masters or mistresses. To shackle them so is considered a crime against the order of divine spirit and the creative world. 

The maiden comes into the world the incubator of life. She is moderator over the male.  She sets the standards and the progression of the male.  She nurtures the king returned (infant), initiates the boy, the wild man, the hero, the father and even the Merlin (Healer, Wise Man) by receiving his gifts and attention as worthy.  Without her compliment, from birth to death, man is nothing but dust in useless form.

To those of spiritual wisdom the feminine is perfect throughout all her progressions.  She needs prove nothing to no one.  She is self-sufficient decades before the boy.  She initiates herself by sitting quite in nature and remembering the wisdom and lessons of past lives.  She is joined to divine spirit always and eternally unlike the boy who has to constantly seek this connection through mediation and journey to evolve. 

e0096c5a2ced57bfb20368d8aeb18ab2The maiden’s mother’s role is to praise her and guard her freedom always.  However upon weaning Her mother’s duty is to let her go as soon as she is able to crawl away.  Her mother’s role is to appreciate her, hold the mirror up to her beauty and majesty then release her to her destiny and forget her.

Her clan’s (community’s) role is to adore her, value her, treasure, affirm, respect, sing to her, praise her, grant her every freedom and lee way and gift her for nothing more then her being.

Her father’s role is to provide for her, show her the masculine, bestow her affection, walk with her and show her the wild. Her father’s pleasure is to sing to her, praise her as he stands in awe of her beauty.  Her father’s duty is to set about the foundations of a shelter, as well as a crafter’s workshop the moment his daughter is born.  Slowly, diligently he will work along side her to build her an empire that is strong and solid as his love for her. 

father_and_young_daughterAt the age of four the maiden was traditionally escorted by her father out into the world. During these expeditions He showed her many wonders, took her places of magnificence and beauty but acted only as her chaperone, never her guide.  He gives her the freedom to venture over the next mountain alone or with his company.  The choice is hers.    She confides in him and him alone.  Never does her father judge her.  Never does he fight her battles for her. 

As the Maiden grows more and more the mystery of her father as a representative of all men is shown to her.  To the fathered Maiden the masculine is not dangerous for she knows her own strength therefore they are only mysterious by way of being different. 

It is true to say that the fathered Maiden knows her own mind, her own heart. His fathering teachers the Maiden the nature of honorable, gentle and wise men. None other will she draw to her breast or invite into her bed. The true father is a protection to the maiden and all her generations long after his passing. 

1280px-India_-_Faces_-_young_girl_playing_in_her_moms_jasmine_field_(2832073817)The wild man stands at a respectful distance watching her dance, sing, her hands at work making always making, gathering, planting, pruning, nurturing, playing with children.  The maiden is generous, but also reclusive when she wants to be. 

The maiden goes about her business answering to no one for her routine.  Her art comes first and foremost day or night she can be found creating.  She puts herself to bed, wakes when she wants, eats what she wants, dresses or does not dress at all according to her own reason. Why is not her question nor does she feel obligated to answer for her feelings or direction to others. 

112503_112856-Black_Rock_11080The maiden is eternal even in motherhood she is still majestic and free.  Never is she bonded to the child or identified by the child for she knows she is only the incubator for a time. 

For 7 years the King returned (Infant) belongs to his mother and then also for the time he takes on the role of the hero, his responsibilities are to her first and foremost only transferring to his daughter once his own mother has past. 

The maiden however belongs to no one except that everyone has an obligation for her care and provision.  She has right of way in all matters... read more

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