The Female Psycho-sexual Progressions



For the Female, the progression of roles starts with the Queen Returned then progresses onto the Maiden, moving on through to the Wild-woman, the Mother then into Crone-ship. However this is not at all an easy or clear process in our day and age due predominately to a lack of mentors and appropriate rites of passage to mark our way.

Becoming stuck in an image or stage of psychosexual development that is no longer age or circumstance appropriate, can have severe debilitating effects on our emotional and physical health.   Usually it is because of fear, lack of guidance or unhealed abuse that causes us to become stuck and unable to progress forward in our stages of sensual maturity.

Tragically many people suffer because they don’t know the path to psycho-sexual progression and are therefore left with a greatly reduced capacity to connect on an intimate level in their relationships. This inability to trust and expose our authentic sensual self with another human being, creates a situation where we feel alone and unloved.   

When an image or role we have set in our minds and hearts no longer serves us it is time to seek guidance to let go and begin on the path to next challenge... read more 

the Queen RETURNED
Birth to age Four

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the Sacred MOTHER
Teacher, Creator & Nurturer

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the Destiny of the MAIDEN
is with her from Birth

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Mother of Mothers

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Adventurer, Explorer & Creator

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Queen of Qeeens

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