A little over a decade and a half into the 21st Century, the feminine parallel of ‘Master’ - which by dictionary definition is ‘Mistress’ has all but completely, the world over, been pushed off her pedestal.

The role and status of ‘Mistress’ has most certainly fallen into disrepute. To be addressed as Mistress nowadays is the ultimate insult. It is the equivalent of be called ‘Whore’; or at the very least a woman without morals, who cavorts in secret – cheating behind the back of the legally installed wife, with an already married man.  


In contrast to address a male as ‘Master’ is to bestow
the highest honor and utmost respect upon a man’s character. 


More than two thousand years ago Plato rose every morning thanking the Gods for eight favors – one of these was that he was not born a woman. Similarly the Jews prayed, ‘Blessed be Thou our God and Lord of Hosts, who hast not created me a woman.’ In contrast, Jewish women were taught to pray, ‘Bless be Thou our God who hast created me after thy will.’

This divorce of feminine value, place and purpose is what it is – our collective inherited legacy – an overlay of dishonor, disparagement and condemnation for the essential contributes of nurture, suckle, training and care of the young by mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and grandmothers. Women bear up the world - she makes it through the laying down of the receptive female body in 'sexual sacrifice' to atone for the sin of father, brother, son, husband and hunter. 

Hence, is it any wonder that most every woman frantically and most determinedly, disinherits the title of ‘Mistress’ - hides her, disowns her, pushes her down… buries her deep within. Most every woman has come to fear the Mistress’s rise – her evolution. The mere girl, the maiden, the mother and the elder woman; all have been well-instructed to dispossess, dismiss the Mistress’s suppressed power and potential. Thus the distinctive role of Mistress that contrasts the Master’s, she avoids. She shuns it - pushes it away.  

Such a tragedy for a world that appears so utterly lost - blind to the critical missing pieces of a map that could very well mark the path out of the wilderness and lead us into the Promised Land of peace and prosperity for all.  What the world needs now if it is to be lifted out of perpetual cycles of destructive social unrest, economic boom and bust, and ecological ruin, is a major concerted effort to evolve the instruments of power, purpose and privilege – meaning liberty of both sexes. Anything less will lay waste, this beautiful earth and make utterly miserable, life for future generations... read more


A critical long-term health factor that many of us have either forgotten, overlooked, or otherwise never known about, concerns the function and base requirements of our minds and bodies to experience sensual pleasure on a daily basis is essential to ensuring both physical and mental health, as well as, securing the happiness and stability of our intimate and more distant relationships with family, friends as well as depth of relationship and harmony with even our work associates.

The sad fact is the majority of the western world has been either distracted or otherwise shamed away from accepting that sensual stimulation is as essential to health and well-being as air, water, food, warmth, shelter and social inclusion as well as economic provision.

Inarguably, whole body sensual pleasuring provides the recipient, no matter their age or gender, with a host of benefits; which  include - relieving stress and releasing tension, clearing the mind and elevating mood – which in turn increases blood flow and enhances circulation - which in turn helps to release toxins and therefore increases one’s energy and natural joy along with the will  and want to participate in life and love.

When a person is gifted pleasurable touch and whole body stimulation, the brain ever so naturally releases hormones called Endorphins which is a sure-fire way to make a person feel good from head to toe. The stimulation of Endorphins via natural pleasurable full body stimulation is of course commonly known as reaching a natural happy-high. So forget the anti-depressants and anti-anxiety chemical cocktail prescriptions and choose instead to achieve a state of euphoria that has the capacity to provide a positive effect on your entire mind and body systems, devoid of any possible negative side-effects or toxic shocks or harmful chemical residuals.   

Integrating regular sensual pleasure sessions into your life is the easiest, cheapest and safest way to feel healthier and enhance your over-all energy levels and general mental alertness and response.

Sensual Pleasure healing that includes the appropriate dropping of gloriously fragrant essential oils directly onto the skin, has the capacity to very quickly blow a person’s tension – dissolve their mental and body armor and very quietly replace it with a delicious sensual dance of the surface sensor nerve endings; which in turn send messages down deep into muscles, organs and associated tissue and even bone structure. Likewise the psyche is also simulated, enlivened... read more

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